A Free Slate – Session 03 – Holy Pussy into Dirty Cunt

I threw my clothes back on and by 1:30am I jump back in my car and was heading to the tavern which was about 20 minutes away. I was surprised that no one was in the bar even through the door was open and there were a few cars in the lot. It was still ten minutes before closing time but the place was empty! My heart sank thinking I had gone on a wild goose chase since neither Chuck nor Holly were in the bar.

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Just at that moment I heard some muffled cheering from the back room where Lou had his office. I had been in there before. It was a large and nicely appointed office with leather furniture and a massive walnut desk.

He even had a full-size bed in the office since there were several times a month when he spent the night when he had been drinking to the point that he thought it was unsafe to drive home. His wife of 40 years was completely understanding since she didn’t want him on the road when he had been drinking either.

I made my way to the office and as I entered through the door, I just stood there absolutely stunned. There on the bed was my beautiful, conservative, church going wife, Holly! She was naked as the day she was born, sitting on Lou’s cock with four naked guys standing around her watching and cheering her on. Just as I was about to shout out in anger I felt the blow to the back of my head. Someone had seen me come in and had hit me from behind.

When I came to I found that my arms and feet had been tied to a restaurant style chair and I had a gag over my mouth and wrapped around my head. I had no idea how long I was unconscious but by now Lou was finished and Chuck’s doctor friend Jim was behind Holly taking her doggy style. Meanwhile Vic, the huge bouncer who had the biggest cock I had ever seen was buried in Holly’s mouth. I couldn’t believe my eyes!

Why in the hell didn’t they at least have the decency to stop when I showed up? As I struggled against the ropes Holly looked right into my eyes. It was obvious that she was really enjoying what was happening to her and she was even begging for more. But her eyes looked like she didn’t even recognize who I was.

What’s happening to my conservative, totally faithful wife of 12 years that would cause her to act like a total slut? This is just so totally unlike her. “What the hell is going on?” I shouted into my gag. A couple guys looked over when they heard me even though there was no possible way for them to understand what I was saying.

Just then I noticed a naked Chuck kneeling down next to me and he began to talk. “I’m sorry Rob, but things just started getting out of hand as one thing led to another.”

“Out of hand!” I wanted to shout but only made grunting noises. “So that’s what you call this gang bang of my wife? Out of hand my ass!” Didn’t he remember his promise to take care of my wife and get her safely home?

“Look Rob, I know you must be really ticked off but none of us intended for it to go this far.” He went on talking since I obviously couldn’t respond. “Holly was really flirting with the doc and I, so we thought she wanted to play around a bit before heading home. And you gotta admit she was looking really hot tonight.”

Chuck continued; “Then when Lou saw you walk into the bar on his security cam we all knew this wasn’t going to go well. So, he told Vic to stand behind the door and restrain you from starting a fight or even something worse.” Chuck went on to say; “It’s a good thing that Vic really knows his stuff. He put you out easily and he said you probably wouldn’t even have a headache when you came around.”

That’s the first I’d thought about it but he was right. I remembered being clocked from behind but I couldn’t even feel where I had been hit. I looked incredulously at Chuck and wanted to ask; “So is that supposed to make me feel OK that you bastards are fucking the living shit out of my wife?!!”

I glanced back at the scene on the bed and saw that the young psychiatrist was pulling out of Holly after having dumped his load into her cunt. Ummm “cunt”. I had never before thought of my precious wife’s pussy as just an ordinary “cunt”. But right now, that’s the only proper description I could think of for her dirty cheating cunt.

As my eyes were shooting daggers at the doctor, something strange happened. He leaned forward, reached out and grabbed the pinky finger of her right hand. Gently squeezing her finger, I clearly heard him say; “Holly, RELAX”. Immediately as if she was a machine being switched off she dropped onto her tummy on the bed looking totally calm and relaxed. She looked as if nothing out of the ordinary had been happening to her for however long this scene of debauchery had been going on.

At this point the doctor said; “Let’s take a break guys and let Holly rest a few minutes.” And with that he and the four other guys who had been surrounding Holly moved out to the bar for a drink while there was an apparent pause in the action. I heard Lou tell Vic to lock the front door and turn the outside lights off since it was now well beyond closing time.

Chuck, still kneeling beside me snagged my attention again saying; “Look Rob, we have no intention of keeping you or Holly here against your will, nor do we want to hurt you, at least not physically. I can clearly see that you are already hurting emotionally.” He went on; “I’m going to take this gag off. There’s no sense shouting because you know as well as I do that Lou’s place is out in the middle of nowhere. I just want you to be able to talk and breathe more easily.”

With that Chuck reached up and almost tenderly removed the gag from around my head. It certainly was a relief to get that thing off me. As soon as it was removed I didn’t shout but I did certainly speak loud and clear enough to be heard as I called out to my wife: “Holly!” “Holly!” “Talk to me Holly!” I pleaded with her but got no response whatsoever.

Chuck quietly said; “She’s not ignoring you but she can’t really hear you either.”

“What do you mean she can’t hear me? What have you done to her? Is she wearing ear plugs or something?” I asked.

“Well,” Chuck cautiously replied, “She’s under hypnosis and right now Jim’s voice is the only one she will respond to.”

I was confused and asked; “You mean I can’t even talk to my own wife?”

Chuck replied, “Well, you can talk to her but I don’t think your voice will even register in her brain.”

“Chuck” I pleaded, “How could you allow this to happen? I trusted you man!” As I spoke, he could see that tears were forming in the corners of my eyes.

“Do you really want to know all the details of how all of this happened?” he asked me.

“Yah, I really do want to know how my beautiful, innocent, conservative, church going wife turned into this person I don’t even recognize.”

So, Chuck began to explain the whole thing to me. “OK Rob, here goes… After you left I was busy talking to Lou for a while because the doc and Holly were talking about medical stuff that I just wasn’t interested in. When I got back to them, they were having an animated argument about hypnosis. He was telling her that he used it all the time in his practice and she was telling him that it was all phony and didn’t really work.

I heard Holly accuse him of charging people big bucks for services that were just a bunch of hooey.” Chuck could see that I was hanging on every word he was sharing so he went on; “They were really going at it and she was flirting with him at the same time. Her hands were either on his arm or on this thigh the whole time they were talking. And I don’t want to be too blunt Rob, but either by accident or on purpose, the hand on his thigh kept creeping up higher and higher toward his crotch.”

Chuck saw my eyebrows raise at that but he went on with his story anyway. “I saw what was happening and knew she had been drinking quite a bit so I butted into their conversation and asked if she was ready for me to take her home. I even reminded her that I had promised you that I would get her home safe and sound.

At that point, she leaned over and gave me a friendly kiss on my lips and said she was fine and that you were tied up at the station anyway so she wanted to stay a while longer. Honest Rob, I’m sure that peck wasn’t meant to be sexual but jeez, Holly was looking sexy and I started getting a hard on just by that simple innocent kiss.”

Chuck saw that I was still looking at him and yet seemingly doubting his every word so he went on again. “I kid you not Rob, she seemed to be in total control of herself so I just backed off and listened as they continued bantering back and forth about hypnosis. She finally said there’s no way on earth that Jim could ever hypnotize her!

To that Jim said he would give her $500 if he couldn’t hypnotize her to the point of her becoming a sex crazed woman who would willingly have sex with everyone in the bar. Besides Holly, there were six of us in the bar at the time. Me, the doc, Lou, Vic and two younger guys shooting some pool. She just laughed out loud in his face saying she was looking forward to her shopping spree.

Then Jim clarified by asking her; “If you win, you get 500 bucks but what do I get if I win?”

She just smiled at him saying “Well I guess if you win, you get a sex crazed woman to have your way with, but don’t count on that happening!” Honest to God Rob, those were her exact words.

The doctor grinned as he asked if she really wanted to try this? She told him to try his best but to be sure and get his money ready because she was fully planning on going shopping for some new clothes the next day.”

I glanced over at my completely relaxed wife and then looked back at Chuck as he continued his account. “Now Rob, you need to know that Jim asked her if she was sure it was OK for all of us to get her naked and screw her brains out if she lost.

She just laughed in his face again and said; “Looks like I’m going to win no matter what happens!” Well, … when she said that; Lou who had also been listening, Jim and myself just smiled at one another because she made it sound like she was a ‘hot wife’ and perhaps you two were into this sort of thing anyway. I mean, I never had any idea that you two were into kinky stuff but who knows what goes on behind closed doors.”

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