A Free Slate – Session 01 – Bet for Bed

I suppose Holly and I are like thousands of other couples out there. We’ve been married twelve years now and have a delightful ten-year-old daughter named Jennifer who we call Jenny. She is the light of our lives. Right after graduation from college I was lucky enough to land my dream job in our local fire department.

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As would be expected, I started out at the ground floor in the fire department but was hired on because of my college degree in fire management. I was then able to quickly start moving up the ladder figuratively speaking.

In firefighting, you quite often literally move up a physical ladder as well. While I was starting at the fire department, Holly also immediately found a great job working as the office manager for a local orthopedic surgeon.

Once Jenny was born we decided together that it would be ideal if Holly could be a stay at home mom. By this time, I was a captain at the fire department and my income allowed that to happen. We weren’t rich by any stretch of the imagination but at the same time we weren’t paupers either. Again, like so many couples, we were getting along OK financially but not setting any records in the savings department.

Before Jenny was born I would describe our sex life as pretty ‘hot’. And even after we had a child in the house we were still able to maintain a healthy level of romance. Being deeply in love with one another makes that even easier of course.

Holly was a virgin when we married. Having been brought up in a solid Christian home she took what they call a “Purity Pledge” when she was a freshman in High School. She was at a Christian Youth Retreat when she took the pledge. Her parents were so proud of her when she returned from the retreat that her dad bought her a solid gold “Purity Ring” that she wore continually until the day we were married. The idea was that on her wedding day, her dad would take the ring off her finger and give it to her husband as a token of her chastity.

Unlike Holly, I had some experience sexually before I met her but certainly wasn’t what you would call a player. I had a girlfriend my senior year of high school with whom we both surrendered our virginity. We were pretty clumsy about it but we did ultimately figure out how to make all the sex parts work. We screwed a dozen times or so before a guy on the football team caught her eye. She always wanted to wear a guy’s letterman jacket around campus and that was something that I couldn’t provide for her.

I dated three other girls before graduation from high school and got to first base with two of them, meaning that I was able to squeeze some bare tit. The third girl gave me a tongue lashing, heart throbbing, wet and sloppy blow job on four different occasions but never would allow me to return the favor on her.

Then as a freshman in college I met a cute girl named Peggy at a sorority party I somehow got invited to. We were both pledging at the time. She was in the sorority for the “popular” girls and let’s just say that the frat I was pledging was more known for their academics. Don’t get me wrong, we weren’t the geek squad or nerd guys, but we weren’t the jocks either.

Even though I’ve always been in pretty good shape physically, I just never went out for any of the sports teams which is something I still wonder about. I think I could have done well but growing up on a family farm there were always too many chores to do to allow for all the practices after school. Well anyway; I digress.

Somehow Peggy and I hit it off and by our second date I was already in her pants. She was way more experienced than I was and I learned a ton from her about how to satisfy a woman. She was one of those gems who weren’t afraid to tell a guy exactly what she did and did not like. As a result, I can say that I was honest when I told Holly that I had only had sexual intercourse with two different girls. I just neglected to tell her that I had probably screwed Peggy something close to seventy-five times in the nine months that we dated!

Unfortunately for Peggy, she had to transfer back to a Community College in her home town after having a tough time balancing sorority life and still maintaining her GPA. In other words, she flunked out her freshman year. I felt pretty bad about it when I realized that our over active sex life had also proven to be a big distraction from her studies. The last I heard she was doing great at the Community College and wouldn’t you know it, I lost her to another jock. This time he was a soccer player. Oh well, life goes on and I soon lost track of her.

I met Holly in an English Lit class that was one of the electives required for my degree. That was during our sophomore year. We would sometimes collaborate on class projects and homework but didn’t start dating until May. Shortly after we started dating we returned to our home towns for the summer vacation. Before leaving for summer vacation, she had lined up off campus housing with a friend of hers for the following year.

Each of us were tentatively hopeful that the other wouldn’t have a summer fling and fall in love while we were apart, but neither of us were sure how solid our relationship was. It’s not like we were going steady or anything because we had really only dated for about a month. We were both nervous when we got back on campus for our Junior year but each of us were greatly relieved that the spark had kept burning despite our summer separation. Both of us had hung out with several home town friends, male and female during the break but neither of us had actually dated anyone over the summer.

It was during that summer when I really got interested in firefighting as a career. Up until that point I had been heading for a degree in Business Management but during the summer I served an internship at our local fire station and loved every minute of it. When I got back to campus I spoke with my academic advisor and started taking classes that would prepare me for a degree in Fire Management. That track was a specialized field within the Business School at our university. Fortunately, all my freshman credits were easily transferred to my new degree program.

Holly and I really got serious about one another during that Junior year. She was also in a sorority, but unlike Peggy whose sorority was a party house, Holly had pledged a house that was similar to my fraternity in their dedication to scholarship. She was majoring in English and thinking perhaps of teaching as a career but wasn’t sure if that was what she really wanted to do. Mostly she just needed to declare a major and she liked to read so she picked English literature.

Of course, she had told me early on about her “purity pledge” and explained the whole deal about the ring she wore. I respected her for her commitment. We never did have actual sex but we were able to get into some pretty heavy petting and kissing. I proposed to her after asking her father’s permission just before the end of our Junior year. In fact, I remember that it was May 15th. We were separated again for the summer but talked nearly every day by phone racking up some serious long distance charges. I was once again a summer intern at the fire department.

We picked right up where we left off once school started up. Then, midway through our senior year Holly’s roommate got called home for some sort of family emergency. She had to drop out of school for the rest of the term. That left Holly out on her ear so to speak with nowhere to live. She checked in with her sorority and learned that there were no beds available but they said one might open up in a few weeks if she could find a temporary place to live in the meantime.

My roommate and I had been high school friends and roomed together from day one at the university. For the last two years, we had scored a nice two-bedroom apartment not far from campus. It was really a big older home that was split into three separate apartments. My room came furnished with two single beds.

Much to her parent’s chagrin Holly moved in with me on a temporary basis. But before doing so, we both met with her parents at the apartment when they came down for a campus visit one weekend. I assured them that we had both honored her purity pledge and would continue to do so until the day we were married. We even laid out plans we had already agreed to with my roommate to ensure that Holly would have complete privacy when changing clothes or using the bathroom.

Believe it or not, she, my roommate and I lived together the rest of the school year and we abstained from having intercourse. Even though we did spend a few sexy nights lying together naked in my little twin bed. It was tough but I really did love and respect her for her commitment. Within three weeks after graduation we were married in her home church and there wasn’t a dry eye in the place when her dad took the purity ring off her finger and handed it to me. I was even tearing up myself!

From day one you could have asked either one of us and we would have told you that ours was indeed a marriage made in heaven. We found a nice duplex to rent in my hometown since I started on at the local fire department. I even started going to church with her on Sundays and enjoyed it. I had accepted Jesus when I was a kid but as is so often the case I backed way off during my teen years so coming back to church was a comfortable thing for me to do.


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