Yummy Meat – Session 05 – Hard Rock Twice

I was not even in my own body. I was afloat in a sea of desire and the moans just kept coming from my open mouth, unable to stop them. I was close to orgasm again when he came and pulled out. I was left in a state of perpetual arousal and almost wanted to scream for him to get me off.

Yummy Meat – Session 04 – Oh My Wet Pussy

Yummy Meat – Session 03 – Lots of Dick with juice

My hips were slipping around on the table and I was squeezing my pussy muscles, trying to get myself off when I heard another guy walk to the hole. Over the next ten minutes, I fucked six more guys. All of them came fast, which only added to my state of arousal. I could not get off. As the last pulled out, I was totally out of control.

All I wanted was an orgasm. I was determined to get off even if I had to do it myself when I heard another guy approach the hole. This time something was different.

In less than a second, I felt my pussy being stretched like it never had before. This time I knew it was the monster. Even with all the cum and pussy juice, I felt I was being stretched to the limit. He pushed slowly, easing his massive cock in me to give me time to adjust to his massive girth. But all I could do was pant and moan. I did not realize I was pushing my hips against that cock, trying to suck as much of it in me as I could. Reason was gone; all that was left was raw animal sex. I felt his balls hit my ass and knew I had it all in me and was so close to orgasm. It would only take a couple of quick thrusts and I would be gone. But he just held it there. What was he waiting for? I wanted it NOW! I tried to rock my hips back and forth to let him know I wanted him to fuck me but he just held it there, waiting. Making me wait. Did he want to make me beg? I couldn’t talk; someone might recognize my voice. My mind knew all of this, but my body would not listen at all. I let out a loud cry.

“Please…FUCK ME!” I mumbled in an almost hysterical groan.

I could almost feel the satisfaction in his body with the pleasure he was giving me. My begging only turned me on more. I could feel the tightness build through my body. He slowly pulled his cock out and thrust it back in fast. The contrast of slow and fast strokes of that monster cock was more than I could take. My ass clinched as I tried to squeeze my pussy against that massive muscle. My nipples were so hard they hurt. Slow rolls of tension went through my body. My body would not let loose, it would build to near climax then just keep getting stronger. Each time he would plunge his massive cock deep in my pussy I would wait for my orgasm to hit, but then I would build to a new unknown peak. Over and over muscles would contract, ready to explode in ecstasy. I heard a grunt from the other side of the wall and felt his cock explode cum deep in me. It was the final feeling my body needed. I thrashed and convulsed in an orgasm that drove me to almost insanity.

As my orgasm started slowly waning, I could feel his massive cock stir and knew he was slowly pulling out of my throbbing pussy. Even as he pulled out, I didn’t want him to. The orgasm he gave me was like nothing I had ever felt in my life and I wanted it to go on forever. He pulled his hard cock out and his cum gushed from my pussy. I could feel it drip from between my legs, across my ass hole and pool up under my back. I was trying to catch my breath when he shocked me with a quick thrust and he was back in me again. I gasped as I felt that burning thrust of hard cock back in me. My mind was swimming; he never even got soft.

My insides felt like Jell-O as he started fucking me with fast, hard thrusts. I was so gone I didn’t even have time to catch my breath. He fucked me like a machine gun with fast, quick thrusts. I felt that build-up again. This time it was quick and I knew I would not last very long. He, too, was breathing hard as he worked me over. The peak was approaching fast as I heard him grunt. I could not hold back and didn’t even want to as he pounded me harder and harder. I let out a scream that I could not hold back as he exploded his hot load in me.

The scream and his cum set me over the edge and I started shaking in an orgasm that was almost as strong as the first. This time he held that monster cock deep in my pussy. I could feel it pulse one load after another in me. He held it deep in me till the pulsing stopped and my orgasmic spasms ceased. Even after we both came, he held his beautiful cock in me till I felt him start to soften and then very slowly pull out. I felt like he was taking something away from me that should be mine, something that should be in me all the time. I almost started crying from the loss I felt. The sensation was so strange; the joy that cock had just given me with the feeling of loss that I would never get to feel it again. I was overcome with exhaustion and lay back on the bench. Not being able to help myself, I closed my eyes and rested.


When I woke up my husband was at the open door looking at me. He stood there looking at my legs up against the wall and saw that my feet were hung up in the straps. I tried to explain in my exhausted mumbles but he only kissed me and freed my feet. He picked me up and took me to the bed. I went back to sleep almost at once.

The next morning I explained all that had happened. He could see the excited look as I told him in great detail how I sucked all those lovely cocks. I could tell he was getting excited but I could not stop telling of the joy they brought me. When I got to the part about our fucking and then the realization that I was stuck, he was as hard as a rock. He wanted to fuck. I knew he did but he controlled himself so he could hear the whole story. I described the way each of them fucked me. Finally I told him about the monster cock that not only fucked me once but twice. He could not hold back anymore. He grabbed my legs and spread them as he plunged his cock in me. We fucked like we had not in years. He attacked my wet, dripping, sore pussy. There was some pain as he entered me, but I was so turned on with telling him about my adventure that I didn’t even care. We both didn’t last long and exploded almost at the same time.

We both lay back down and slept, resting from the adventure we both had experienced. We woke later in the day to the phone ringing. Jim answered the phone and I could see a strange look on his face.

“Yeah. I am glad you got to come too,” Jim glanced up at me with a worried look. “No, I had no idea you made it. Wow, are you serious? No way,” Jim said as he chatted on the phone. “You bet I’ll invite you if I have another party.” The color left Jim’s face.

I was trying to put together the one-sided conversation. What was going on? It had to be someone from the party. Did someone realize it was me? I began to get a little nervous with the strange look Jim was giving me as he talked.

“Ok, you bet. Talk to you later,” Jim said.

As he hung up the phone, Jim looked at me in a very serious manner.

“What’s wrong?” I asked in a shaking voice. I was so nervous my legs felt week.

“Well, you’re not going to like this, but there’s nothing that can be done now. That was your brother. He came to the party last night,” Jim said.

A gasp came out of my mouth and all the ramifications ran through my head. I was in shock as I realized I had sucked my brother for sure and maybe even fucked him.

“Maybe I only sucked him off. There were lots of guys I didn’t fuck before you fucked me,” I said in an almost pleading voice.

“Well…” Jim paused. “He just told me that not only was it the best blow job he ever had, it was the best fuck too,” Jim said in almost a whisper.

Oh shit, what had I done? The mixture of emotions was overwhelming as all the guys that fucked me ran through my mind. Which one was it? I was trying to figure it out as I tried to place grunts and voices with the guys I was pretty sure that fucked me, when Jim continued.

“He also told me that he couldn’t believe that the girl let him fuck her twice.”

My mouth dropped open. There was nothing I could say. I didn’t even know what to think. I was at a total loss for words. It was by far the best fuck in my life and it was my brother. My husband looked at me expectantly, waiting for some kind of response.

I looked up at Jim with a small smile. “There is nothing at all we can do about it now. What happened, happened and does no good to cry about it,” I said as my voice got stronger. “Honey, I love you and that was the most wonderful thing you have ever done for me. Never would I have believed that I could feel so much satisfaction and joy from anything,” I continued. “I do not want to stop playing with my glory hole. I do not want this little thing to ruin the best thing in our lives. I think the best thing is to let it go and start planning another party and make sure we fix those damn straps,” I said with a smile.

Jim’s face broke into a wide grin as he saw that nothing was going to stop me from my new kink. He knew as I did that it was not such a little kink anymore, it was an obsession that I would never leave.

The look at his hard cock said it all. “Honey, you don’t want to be rude, so don’t forget to invite my brother…”


if party happens ,I’ll inform you

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