Yummy Meat – Session 04 – Oh My Wet Pussy

I had to stretch my mouth to swallow that monster cock and loved every minute of it. Never in my life have I had a cock that thick in my mouth. The sensation was unbelievable. He was short enough that I knew deep throating him would not be necessary. I was a little glad because I was not sure my throat could stretch that far.

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So I did something special for him. I kept my head straight and let him face fuck me. He started off slow and I could tell he enjoyed the sensation of my mouth engulfing his thick cock. When I didn’t resist, he started thrusting that monster faster and faster in my wet hot mouth.

He fucked my face with powerful thrusts and I could hear him grunt with each one. My head was slammed back with each thrust and I had to lean forward harder to keep my mouth against the hole. Pushing my head forward caused my body to shift forward, and my clit hit the pressure switch.

The second the vibrator turned on there was a shock that ran through my clit that spread to my whole body. The buzzing was strong and my nipples were so hard that they hurt. Jolts ran through my whole body as he fucked my face with that monster. I could not stop myself; I erupted in an orgasm that made me see stars. Just as my orgasm was reaching its peak, I felt the pulsing of his cock in my mouth.

I had to swallow hard to keep from drowning as the eruptions from his cock seemed to go on forever. Even as fast as I swallowed, I could not keep up with all that cum. It started dripping out of my mouth and running down my face and chin. I felt a big glob drip onto my breasts and felt it slide down and slip off the end of a nipple.

Having an orgasm and swallowing at the same time was harder that I would have thought, but it was so worth it. I was still shaking as he pulled out of my stretched mouth. It was then that I realized that I had squirted all over the chair. The leather chair was covered in my pussy juice and my face was covered in cum. The whole room smelled of sex; I was in heaven. I was starting to work up a sweat and all the stimulation only seemed to make my body more sensitive than ever before. Before I could even get a towel and wipe my face, another cock was stuck through the hole.

So it went for the next hour. One cock after another. I sucked till my jaw was sore, my back ached, and my neck felt like I had been kicked by a mule. My hands felt like they had lead weights tied to them and I was so wet that I was sliding around on the kneeling chair from my own pussy juices. I was one happy woman.

I was more than ready for the break. I stood up and stretched my legs and back, then toweled the sweat and cum from my face and body. I was so worked up that my legs felt like rubber bands, but I could not stop the excitement that was still growing in me.

This was way better than any fantasy. The reality was hard cock meat and they were all mine. I was looking forward to round two, but I really needed to fuck. I wanted it, I needed it and only hoped Jim would not make me wait. I have to admit the idea of letting them all fuck me ran through my head, but I knew I could never do it.

The cool refreshing water ran down my throat and quenched my thirst, but it could not put out the fire in my pussy. I was worse than a bitch in heat. I wanted sex and I wanted it bad. I could hear the guys talking and laughing and knew I only had to wait about ten more minutes before it all started again. I had not been able to stop myself from having two orgasms while sucking different guys during the first round.

Damn Jim and that pressure switch. I knew I was not going to be able to last if I kept having very many more orgasms. I had to try harder not to lean forward with my hips while sucking the guys off the second time. I would be wasted if I didn’t stop. I wanted a deep-fucking orgasm. I knew in the state I was in right then, it would not be very hard for me to explode from any of those beautiful cocks inside me.

I heard a noise outside and knew someone was coming back to the glory hole. The guys were a little drunk; I could tell from their voices. The first time they tried to be quiet, so it was hard for me to tell who was who. This time I knew that voice. It was Ed. Ed was my best friend’s husband. We had been friends for years, and she had always been a very prim and proper woman who never did anything wrong. She was always talking about her perfect husband. Ed was a very good looking guy, I have to admit, but there was something so hot about knowing it was Ed I was sucking that really turned me on. If Sara had any idea her sweet husband was pumping a load of his cum down my throat, she would shit.

I sucked with all the skill I had acquired in my years of giving blowjobs that was making him pant like a dog. I could hear him moan and could feel the pre-cum leak its salty sweet flavor. I could tell Ed was a humper and wanted to fuck my mouth, so I held my head steady and let him fuck my mouth as hard and fast as he wanted. It didn’t take long before he exploded and I swallowed his load as my tongue massaged the bottom of his cock. The fire was back. I was dripping pussy juice all over the chair, and was shaking with excitement.

The next guy was pretty drunk and it was work to get him hard and off, but I managed a few tricks and off he popped. This went on for three more guys, some better than others, but I wanted to fuck. Finally I saw what I had been waiting for; it was Jim’s massive meat pole. I jumped up from the chair in a flash. I was so ready for that cock in me I could not stand it. I pushed the chair around so the table was against the wall and almost fell off it getting into position I was so excited. I got on my back and thrust my hips forward pressing my pussy against the hole. I could feel Jim’s cocks slip in me with ease. My pussy just gobbled his cock up it was in such need. I found the leather straps to put my feet in and I was ready. Jim did not waste any time at all.

I felt the mixture of burning and pleasure that comes from a fast thrusting cock in and out. My hand was holding the side of the table as Jim pounded me in rapid-fire thrusts. I could not keep my mouth shut and let out a little scream from the pleasure that rippled through my whole body. Jim heard my little cry and knew I was lost in the moment. He started teasing me by pulling almost all the way out then thrusting hard all the way to his balls. He would do a hard, rapid thrust then a slow slide. He would push deep all the way to his balls and just hold it there before pulling back slowly. He knew he was killing me. I felt the orgasm build and build. I could not control the oncoming orgasm any more than I could stop my heart from beating; it was coming and it was coming big.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh…Yessssssssssss,” I cried in as low a voice as I could manage.

The tension built and built. I could feel the tightness in my body. It started at my nipples and ran to my toes. My whole body contracted and my head exploded in stars. The ripples of orgasm engulfed me. When my orgasm hit, it gripped Jim’s cock like a vice and he shot his load in me. I could feel the pulsing of his cock as it shot jets of creamy cum deep inside me. I lay on the table and tried to catch my breath. I was still shaking when Jim pulled that beautiful meat pole out of my pussy with a plop. I stayed there a little longer before getting back up. I realized I didn’t have long before the next guy would come, and I had to get the chair back in place.

I twisted my feet to release my legs from the straps on the wall. My feet did not release. At first I thought I didn’t twist my feet enough and tried again. Again I was stuck. Panic began to rush through me as I realized the situation I was in. Sweat began to build. My heart raced as I tried again and again to pull loose. The struggling against my straps quickly exhausted me. I had to pause to catch my breath. Panic ran through me. My mind was buzzing–I had no idea what to do. Before I could even react,

I felt a hard long cock slip in my wet, gaping pussy. I struggled weakly against the straps as my hips slipped around on the now soaked table top. This only caused me to fuck harder against the new cock attacking me. Any thought of escape was gone as that hard cock started rocking back and forth in my hot spread pussy lips. I let my head drop back to the table and was once again lost in the sensation.

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