Yummy Meat – Session 03 – Lots of Dick with juice

The next day we both started working on how to solve the problems I had brought up. Jim came up with a good solution to the woman problem.

“I want to run an idea by you, and you tell me what you think,” Jim said.

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Yummy Meat – Session 02 – Flow of Hot Lubes on Pussy

“I’ve already told most of the guys I’m working on some entertainment for the bachelor party. I hinted that it’s one of the secretaries from the first floor, and I’d discovered that she loved to give oral sex. But she doesn’t want the guys to know who she is since she works at the same place as most of us.

I also said I knew how I could make a room that we could use in the garage.” I could see the triumphant look on his face as he made the suggestion. “They all loved the idea. Steve even wanted to come over and help me build it. I told him I was doing it in secret so you wouldn’t know about it.” Jim beamed at how clever he was.

“That explains why she wants the glory hole, but not that there really is a woman behind the hole,” I responded. “There is only one way they will totally believe that a woman is behind that hole and that is if you tell them that she will fuck one lucky guy.” I couldn’t believe those words had just come out of mouth.

I could see the idea running through Jim’s head as he considered it.

“Yeah, that would do it. But how are you going to decide who the lucky guy will be?” Jim asked.

“Well, you tell them she loves really big cocks. The guy with the biggest cock is the one she will fuck. Everyone gets a blowjob one time. The second go around I will fuck the guy I pick out from the first round and suck off the others,” I said with a smile. “I’m pretty sure you told me that none of the guys are as big as you, so I will end up fucking my very own husband and no one will ever know but us.” My grin broadened.

Over the next two weeks we got everything ready. Jim put a small fan in the room so I wouldn’t get too hot. I had a cooler with tons of water and towels to wipe myself off. I was so ready I couldn’t stand it. As the day approached, the more nervous I got and the more excited I was. Every night we used the room and made the final adjustments. The night before the big event I broke the strap I put my feet in while lying on the table with my feet in the air. Jim replaced the webbed straps with wide leather straps and we were set.

Early that morning Jim took my car over to my parents’ house telling them we need the room for a party. Jim didn’t want anyone to wonder why my car was still at the house. Then an hour before everyone was going to show up, I walked into the room.

“I want you to do something for me,” Jim said.

“I want you to have a great time but I also want you to stay in there the whole time totally naked. The idea of you being in there totally naked is so hot it drives me crazy.” He smiled.

I didn’t even bat an eye. I stripped everything off, handed him my clothes, let him look at me naked and stepped in the room. He closed the door and I could hear it lock as I settled down, waiting for the party to start. It was dark in the room with just a little light coming through the hole in the wall. It was so strange, waiting for so long in the dark. I could hear every sound and it was like my senses were on overdrive. As each person arrived, I would place the voice with who I knew it was. I could hear the music playing and smell beer as the voices got louder. After an hour or so, Jim told them about the surprise he had for them. Many already knew what was arranged, but a few guys had no idea.

“Men,” Jim said in a booming voice. “There comes a time in every man’s life when an opportunity comes along that is so wonderful, so good, that to not partake in that opportunity is more than sad, it is downright un-American.” He was on a roll.

“I have discovered a woman who wants to live out a fantasy. Many of you know this woman as she works at the same place we do. She wants to have oral sex with a large group of guys, but does not want you to know who she is. In great secrecy and peril, I have constructed a glory hole in the garage and she is now in the room ready to take care of each and every one of us. This poor woman has entrusted us with the noble duty to bring her fantasy to reality. How can we as men not do everything in our power to help this kind, generous woman out with such a small request?”

“She will suck each of us one time over the next two hours.” Jim continued. “At that time, she will measure each of us up for size, thickness and originality. She will select one guy from all of us to fuck her. The second time we go to the hole she will either give you a blow job or let you fuck her. Remember, only one guy will be the lucky fellow to fuck her. She is not a professional and is doing this only from the bottom of her heart.” Jim had them laughing at each point.

“Lenny, we all know why everyone calls you tiny, so I don’t want to make all the guys that do not measure up feel bad. So I do so swear I will not disclose if my very large cock is selected to fuck that sweet pussy in the hole.”

Jim said in almost a chant, “I do solemnly swear that I will do my best as a man to bring joy to that sweet woman who is here for our enjoyment.” His tempo was strong and fast. “I do solemnly swear that I will try not to cum too fast and make a mess in my garage.”

Laughter broke out, but the chant continued. “I do solemnly swear that I will not tell any of our wives about this,” Jim almost screamed as the men went wild.

There were cries of, “I do solemnly swear!” over and over.

I knew the time had come and I was so excited I was almost shaking. I could hear a pin drop I was so tuned in to every little sound. It was then that I heard David, the groom, yell, “I should go first , it’s my party!”

In less than a minute, I heard a zipper being pulled down and the object of my passion, the desire of my body, was thrust through the hole. His cock was sexy. It was shorter than Jim’s, but was smooth and thin. The muscle felt so hard, it was all I could do not to play with it. I slowly kissed the tip of his cock and let my tongue roll over the very tip. I could hear a sharp intake of breath as I did this and knew he was not going to last long. I slowly slipped my lips down his hard cock and engulfed him.

As slow as I could, I inched his cock down my throat. I knew he was shocked as I kept going and did not stop and retreat. I tasted the pre-cum and knew he was going to explode any second. I pushed forward and took his whole cock to the base just as he shook and exploded. I was surprised at how long he could cum. Load after load kept going off and I took it all. When he finished and pulled back, I too felt the flood of wetness and knew it would not take much for me to lose it. It was all could do not to let myself go. But I knew I had many more cocks to play with before I wanted to have my first orgasm. I have always been lucky that I’m very multi-orgasmic, but having one orgasm after another does tend to wipe me out.

Almost as soon as he pulled out of the hole, I heard the cheers come from the other room. The cheers were not just for him, but for me too. It seemed like only a few seconds when I heard the sound of a zipper going down. My wild night was just starting. The next cock I saw was not very long, but wow was it thick. I could not even get my hand all the way around it. I marveled at the sexy and beautiful difference in each cock. Each was a masterpiece in itself, and they were all mine to enjoy.

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