Exploring Pleasure – Session 17 – Feeling it in Her Throat

“Open your mouth.” I commanded

“I am going to pour this glass with my cum and your pussy juice in your mouth. You are to keep it in your mouth and not swallow until I tell you. If you let one drop leave your mouth or if you swallow before I tell you,

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then I will whip more than just your back and ass.” I said as lifted the glass to her open mouth.

She tilted her head back as I drained the glass in her open mouth. As the last of the glass dripped in her mouth, she closed her mouth so it couldn’t escape.

I wanted to play with her tits all my life. I reached under her and placed my hand around her firm tits. I placed her nipple between my fingers and gave it a squeeze. She let out a deep throated moan while still keeping her lips closed. Her moan excited me and I started pulling her nipple hard. I pulled her body to the side so her left tit was also at my disposal. I bent over and sucked her nipple in my mouth. Her nipple was hard as a stone as I sucked her nipple like a hungry infant.

I reluctantly pulled myself away from her beautiful tits. I let the whip caress her breasts and nipples. She grunted and groaned just thinking what may be coming. I walked back behind her as I let the whip caress her. I pulled her ass cheeks apart and placed the head of my cock against her asshole. Without any warning I pushed my hard cock all the way in her ass. I could feel her ass tighten up but it was too late. I sunk my cock to the balls in her ass.

I was watching her face as she swallowed and let out a scream. She totally lost it as her whole body exploded in orgasm. Her ass clenched my cock as her body shook. I waited till her orgasm was slowing and let the whip crack across her breasts and nipples. At the same time I stated fucking her ass like a wild man.

“You can orgasm, but your punishment is not over. You swallowed.” I told her as I pumped my cock in and out of her ass.

As soon as I said that she stated her second orgasm. Each time she had an orgasm I would crack the whip across her breasts and nipples again. Her orgasms were getting stronger. She was screaming and bucking like a trapped animal. I could not hold back much longer but I wanted to see how long I could make her orgasm last. I stated talking to her, trying to get my mind off my building release.

“I use to jerk off watching Amanda grind her pussy in your face. I would dream about being in there fucking you as you sucked her pussy.” I gasped out between thrust.

I could see her face start to tighten into another orgasm as I talked to her.

“I wanted Amanda to watch me fill your pussy with my cock. I wanted her to hear me say I love fucking my older sister.” I grunted out.

Barb started shaking and shuddering as another orgasm ripped thru her body. I was not even whipping her anymore. I was so into fucking her ass I couldn’t focus on whipping her. I could tell that my nasty story was getting her off. I tried to keep it going and keep my mind off my pending explosion.

“I would fuck you until I shot my load in your pussy. The whole time Amanda would be telling you how nasty you are for fucking your younger brother. Then I would pull my cock out and let you lick me clean.” I managed to tell her in short gasps.

This had the effect that I wanted as she screamed thru another orgasm that was so strong she almost pushed me out of her ass. Her orgasm was so violent that the entire bench shook. The scream and pressure was finally too much and I let go of my built up pressure. I exploded in her ass.

As our orgasm’s left, we were both totally spent. Barb collapsed. The only thing keeping her from falling to the floor were the wrist straps. I bent down and unfastened her ankle straps. I stood and lifted her naked body up with one arm and unhooked her wrist straps. As soon as the last strap was unhooked she collapsed in my arms. I lifted her limp body and carried her upstairs to her bedroom.

I placed her naked into the bed. Before I collapsed I went to the bathroom found some cream to rub on her red back, ass and tits. I rubbed the cream into her hot red skin. She let out a faint sigh as I very slowly and tenderly rubbed it all over her. After I was done, I lay down beside her and fell into a deep sleep.

When I awoke it was already daylight outside. I was still exhausted but so happy. My sister had rolled over in the night and her arm laid across my chest. Her tits were pressed into my chest and I was in heaven. I didn’t want this moment to ever end. I could tell she was starting to wake up. I was so glad she didn’t move her arm or tits. Neither of us wanted to break the magic moment.

In a whisper I heard her say “I love you baby brother. I am sorry I teased you so much. To be honest, it excited me to think you might catch me being nasty. I never knew you really did.”

She lifted her head and gave me a soft and tender kiss on the lips that seemed to make my head explode. The kiss was so tender but with such passion it caused my cock to stir. She noticed my cock getting hard and reached down with her hand to grasp it. She broke our kiss and placed her mouth over my cock.

“I’m sore all over except my mouth.” She said as she lowered her head on my cock.

I felt her mouth slip over the head of my cock and she slowly took me down her throat. She took her time licking and sucking my cock. It was so beautiful, so loving. I could feel my cock respond to her touch. On her way back up from deep throating me, she pulled off my cock and said. “I promise not to tease you anymore.”

After a pause she grinned and continued. “But if I do, you can always punish me.”

As soon as the words were out of her mouth she sucked my cock all the way down her throat and I exploded.

Exploded the pleasure on His throat…


Than you all for Support and Love..



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