Exploring pleasure – Session 16 – Ruling Barb’s Pussy

“Give me about twenty minutes to set everything up before you come down and bring some beer when you come” I sort of snapped at her. To my surprise she lowered her head and told me ok. I didn’t need twenty minutes but I wanted to make her wait as long as I could. I wanted to draw it out and make her wet thinking about what may be coming.

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I had already worked out how to make a whipping post with my winch support. It had the ability to be used in different ways. On one side of post was a flat bench. It was designed to be used as a table.

I could set the table at any angle from flat to completely vertical. The winch had the pulley at the top and a cable to attach to her wrists. The “Y” at the base support was perfect to her spread legs and strap them to the bottom support. I could also lower and raise the whole table. I tried it out, lowering it totally horizontal and then back vertical. I decided to start with a little incline. I added some chains to the support base so I could attach them to her leg straps.

I was done a good ten minutes before I heard the door open. I picked up the whip and started whipping the table. I was pretending that I was practicing but in reality I was just wanting her to see me whipping the post. I looked up and saw her come down the stairs as if in a dream. Her eyes were wide and she was shaking a little with excitement as she walked toward me. She had two beers for me and handed them to me and never said a word. She walked over to the inclined table and just stood there. I turned her around and placed the leather straps on her wrists. Then I pulled the winch cable down and attached them to both of her wrists. I spread her legs and attached them to the chain at the base. I had to spread her legs a little more than I expected to reach the chains, but she said nothing.

With shaking hands I pushed the button on the winch and it started lifting her hands above her head. I let it stretch her arms all the way over her head before I stopped. I noticed that as her hands went up, the back of her dress went up as well. I could not help but look how beautiful she looked with 4 rings hanging down below her dress. I picked up the whip and slowly ran the leather over her back, letting her feel the many fingers of the leather caress her back. This sent shivers down her back as a moan escaped her throat. I let the leather go back and forth making her wait for the first smack.

She was so turned on she didn’t even wonder why I didn’t put the fake skin on her. I drew back the whip and gave her a small smack on her back. She grunted and gasp with that first smack. I once again let the leather caress her back. Then pulling back and smacking her a little harder. This time she let out a little cry and pushed her body into the bench. I didn’t even have to see her face. I could smell her excitement. I let the whip once again go back and forth across her back and down to her ass. I let the leather caress her legs and ass as I walked over to her head.

I leaned over and whispered in her ear. “If you can’t handle this just say so now. But, if you do, I will never do this with you ever again. Do you understand me?”

She nodded her understanding and I let the whip come across her lower back. She once again let out a cry. I dragged the whip up and down her red back and reached back and unzipped her dress all the way down. I was engorged looking at her presentation. Her pussy was gaping and I could see plenty of moisture forming.

Her labia rings were hanging down and pulling her lips open even further. I pulled the whip back and gave her a crack across her ass. She screamed from the smack and I saw her body shake. I let the whip slip between her ass cheeks and pulled it slowly up. As the leather slipped between her ass cheeks she let out a gasp of pleasure. I was so turned on now if she asked me to stop I am not sure I could have.

I reached up and untied the dress from around her neck. With the dress totally open in the back and the top undone, her dress slipped off the inclined table and fell to the ground. She was now completely naked before me. I stated giving her little nips with the whip. Never letting it hit the same place twice. She was squirming and moaning with each smack. Over and over I gave her firm pops with the whip. She was groaning and writhing with each smack. I let the leather caress her ass and back and went around to her face. She had her eyes closed and her mouth was open. It was that same desire to have something in her mouth while she was being spanked. It took all my will not to lay the table all the way down and stuff my cock in her mouth. But I was after something more than just her mouth. I wanted to fuck her.

I picked up my old magic wand and put it in her mouth.

“Suck on this.” I told her.

She started sucking like crazy as I let the whip crack across her left ass cheek. Each time I let the whip come down in a different place on her body. I also changed how long I waited before each smack of the whip. I could see her whole body shake and quiver with anticipation. Never knowing where or when the next smack would come. She was moaning loudly now, not even trying to hide it. She was totally out of it at this point. I pulled the wand out of her mouth and started talking to her between the smacks.

“I have to admit I’m really enjoying this” I told her with a deep growl.

“You deserve this for all the times you teased me growing up. Did you know that I watched you masturbate on the couch one time when I came home early? You did that on purpose didn’t you? You were hoping I would see you!” I said with a smack on her ass.

“Admit it!” I yelled at her as I smacked her again.

“Yes. Yes. I was excited that I might get caught.” She grunted between smacks.

I took my magic wand and slipped into her dripping pussy with a quick push. She let out a gasp as I stated fucking her with my wand.

“I know what you used to do with my magic wand. I could smell you on it. Now is the time for honesty. Tell me the truth and I may not whip you as hard. Do you understand?” I snarled.

“I use to masturbate with it every time I found it.” She said in gasps.

“I know that. What I want to know is how many times you and Amanda used it on each other?” I asked as I gave her a hard smack.

“I’m not sure, many times over the years.” She was gasping out the words one word at a time.

She had her eyes closed was trying to anticipate each smack. I wanted her to think I knew more than I really did.

“I use to peek in and watch you and Amanda. I saw Amanda riding your face while fucking you with my magic wand.” I was yelling at her.

I could hear her moan even without the smack. She could not believe how much I knew about her.

“You know you deserve this for teasing me.” I said with another smack.

“I want to hear it. Tell me you deserve this for teasing me.”

“I deserve everything you do to me. I deserve an even more severe punishment for teasing you.” She managed to get out after several tries. Now was the right time to expose my dick.

“Do you still munch on Amanda’s pussy?” I asked with a quick smack to get her answer.

“Yes every time she comes over.” She managed to finally get out.

I moved between her legs letting my cock bounce up and down on top of her wet clit. I pulled down and placed the tip of my cock in her dripping pussy and smacked her back with the whip at the same time. She let out a shudder and a moan as my cock head slipped into her pussy.

“Does Amanda’s husband know you eat his wife’s pussy all the time?” I asked as I let a little more cock slip in her.

“No, we have shared men before she was married, but she didn’t want her husband to know.” She was grunting out each word between gasps and screams.

I pushed my cock deeper into her pussy as she answered my questions. I was almost all the way in. I was trying to keep talking so I wouldn’t cum to quick.

“I bet you miss sucking a guy’s cum out of her wet pussy. Don’t you? You love the taste of cum and pussy don’t you?” I said as I pushed my cock all the way into her pussy.

“Yes. Yes. I miss it so bad.” She screamed.

I started pumping my throbbing cock in and out of her pussy. This was better than any fantasy. This was real and I could feel her tighten her pussy each time I smacked her with the whip. Her labia rings caressed my cock as I slipped in and out. I was doing it. I was fucking my sister. The object of my desire was finally wrapped around my cock. I totally lost control. I started fucking her so hard and fast I was neglecting my whipping.

She let out a gasp and reminded me. “I have been so bad to you. I deserve to be severely punished”

I was so into fucking her I had neglected my duty to her. I managed to keep pumping her and started whipping her again at the same time. I wanted make it last.

I managed to say. “If you orgasm before I allow you to then I will whip you twice as hard and twice as long. Do you understand?”

She let out a grunt and shook her head as I continued to fuck her. I could feel my orgasm build. I was so excited I knew there was no way I could last much longer.

“You deserve this. I’m going to fill your pussy with my cum.” I screamed as I came.

My body shook and I could feel my cock pulse jets of cum into her wet pussy. I could tell she was trying to hold back her orgasm. I managed to give her a halfhearted smack with the whip to remind her.

I was still so turned on I didn’t go totally soft. The blood flowed back in my cock in record time. I had a wicked idea. I pulled my cock out of her pussy and grabbed an empty glass that was next to me. I pulled my cock out and put the glass under her pussy. I watched as my cum started dripping from her pussy. I had to remember to whip her as I watched the glass fill. It looked like I got most of it and placed the glass on the ground to let the last of it drip out of her pussy and into the glass.

Her back and ass were now covered in red marks. I have never seen anything that looked so hot. As I looked at her body writhing on the table I knew I wanted to fuck her ass. I reached down and slipped a finger in her ass and let the whip crack on her back at the same time. She let out a scream and shudder at the same time. I pulled out my finger to make her wait.

I picked up the glass and walked over to her head.

“Open your mouth.” I commanded

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