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Exploring Pleasure – Session 15 – Ready To be Sisters sex Mastering

I stopped reading with a hard on that would not go down. I was about take matters into hand and get some relief, when I realized I wanted to wait for the real thing tonight. I also realized at this point I was no closer to fucking

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my sister than I had been two hours before. If anything I was even more frustrated than before I started. I thought about all the things I had just read. I was trying to think if there was anything useful.

I know my sister loves to be tied up. She likes being blindfolded. She gets off on pain but nothing that would cause any real harm. And she loved to be forced into sexual situations. How could I spank or whip her without it being obviously sexual? I knew in a flash that was the key. If I could spank or whip her good, she would let me do anything I wanted. I was racking my brain when it suddenly came to me.

Sure it would be a little bit lame but I don’t think she would care as long as it was an excuse. I called up a friend of mine that was into special effects. I explained to John that I wanted to get some of that fake skin he makes for special effects. The skin is made to look just like real skin but has fake blood between the layers. So when you struck it with a whip, it opened up and looked like a real slash on the back and leaked blood. It’s a great effect.

“John, do you still make that fake skin with the fake blood between the layers?” I asked him on the phone.

“Yea I have several. The trick is matching your skin to the fake skin and working with makeup to cover up the edges of the fake skin. That’s the real work.” He informed me.

“Also it does sting when you get whipped with blunt whip. It will not break the skin but if you get hit hard it still hurts pretty bad.” John explained.

I drove over to his shop and bought everything he said I would need. It was getting close to the time for my sister to get home. When I got to her house I was glad to see she was already home. She greeted me at the door and she was in her normal loose t-shirt and shorts. Once again I noticed she stopped wearing a bra around me. I got my normal sister hug and peck and we sat down on the couch to chat a little. I decided to tease her just a little as we chatted.

“So you and Amanda see much of each other anymore?” I asked her.

“Yea we try to get together about once a month or so and go shopping or whatever.” She said with a hint of a smile.

“I was just curious. I remember she would come over to our house all the time. I could hear you two giggling all night long. A few times you two made so much noise I thought you were tearing up your room.” I said casually.

I could see her really start to smile as she recalled all the things that had gone on in her bedroom.

I reached in my bag and pulled out my old magic wand and said. “Look what I found, my old magic wand.”

I started running it in and out between my fingers as I showed it to her. I could see her actually squirm a little talking about Amanda and showing her my old magic wand in the same conversation.

“I remember I use to lose this thing all the time. I’m so glad you always helped me find it.” I said with a smile.

I could tell she was getting both excited and nervous with the conversation and tried to change the subject.

“So what are you going to work on tonight?” She asked me.

“I have a cool idea for a new illusion. But I need to ask you a question. Do you think your friends are easy to scare or freak out?” I asked.

“No not really why?” She asked with curiosity.

“Well I have this fake skin that I can put on my back. It looks like my real skin. But it is really two layers of material with a fake blood core. I am going to be tied up to a post and have you whip me. With each whip the fake skin will tear and the fake blood will drip from the tear. I pulled the leather whip out of the bag.” Her eyes almost popped out of her head.

I kept talking like I didn’t notice. “It is a special whip designed not to tear the skin, but it still hurts. The effect makes it looks like my back is split open from the whip. After several long slow whips across my back I will put on my cloak and when I remove it, all the marks will be gone.”

“So what do you think?” I asked.

I could see her grip the whip hard as I described the long hard whips. She was squirming in her seat and her face was getting red.

“But how will you know if the fake skin will look real” She asked.

I was enjoying watching her squirm. “Well I will just have to look in a mirror or take a picture”

“That won’t work. Let me wear it and you whip me.” She was so excited she couldn’t hide it if she wanted to.

“No I better not. It can really sting. I don’t want to hurt you.” I protested

“Besides, how am I going get access to your back without you being topless?

She was squirming so much I could see tits bounce up and down inside her shirt.

“I can wear a dress that opens in the back.” She said in near panic.

I was so loving seeing her squirm. I was going to draw this out as long as I could.

“I just don’t know if you can handle the pain. I really don’t want to hurt you. ”

“I know I can handle anything you can.” She was trying to make it a challenge.

She was getting so excited she was forgetting to even pretend not to care. She was even trying to challenge me trying to make me give in. I didn’t have the heart to keep teasing her. I reached over and just about had to pull the leather whip from her firm grasp.

“Ok, I tell you what I will do, get three or four of the dresses you have that open in the back and I will pick one out and we could maybe try” I acted as if this was against my better judgment.

She didn’t even answer me. She just rushed to her bedroom and in less than 30 seconds she was back wearing a black dress and holding several others. I had her stand up in front of me and looked to see how much the dress opened in the back.

“That one does not open enough.” I told her.

The real problem with the dress was it was too long I wanted something shorter. She slipped around the corner and put on the next one. This one opened up a lot more and the front showed off a lot of cleavage. I loved the way it looked on her.

“That may work. Put it aside and try the next one” It sounded almost like an order.

She came out with the next one and I knew I stuck pay dirt. She looked so hot I felt my cock stir just from looking at her in it. The dress was short enough that it just did cover her ass. The back of the dress was open all the way down to a zipper that went from the top of her ass to the bottom. When she turned around I could see the low cut top was only held in place by a string that tied around her neck. The front was so small that the side of her tits were already hanging out. This was a club wear dress meant to impress. And my cock was certainly impressed.

“Ok, that will work.” I told her.

“You sure you want to do this?” I asked one more time.

“YES. Now let’s get on with it.” She almost snarled.


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