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Exploring Pleasure – Session 14 – Pierce on Pussy clit

Fri. July 3.

“Well me and Amanda took the big plunge. We have been talking about it for a long time but we decided to do it. We are both going to get our clit hood pierced tomorrow.”

I jumped ahead to her Saturday entry.

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Sat. July 4

“I can hardly believe we did it. We went to Wizards Tattoos and piercings. Amanda went first and I watched as she lifted up her skirt and gathered it around her waist. The guy took a little while moving her clit back and forth looking for where to insert the needle. I could see this was turning her on but true to form she didn’t let it show. She did scream when he put the needle in and quickly inserted the ring.

She looked over at me and told me it really hurts but only for a few seconds and then it’s not so bad. He gave her the pamphlet on how to take care of her piercing and had me lie down.

I pulled my skirt up to the waist allowing him to access as well. He was talking to Amanda as he checked my clit hood for position. As his fingers pulled back on my clit hood I could feel my whole body tingle with jolts. Amanda didn’t miss my reaction and asked him if he had any larger rings. He told us he had a lots to choose from and stood up to get a few for us to look at. As soon as he got up, Amanda plunged two fingers in my pussy and made me gasp.
She quickly started rubbing on my clit until I was about to climb the wall. She quickly pulled her fingers out of me as he returned. Amanda picked up a ring that was almost twice the size of hers and said I think this larger ring would look better on her. I always go along with her ideas and sort of nodded my head as he prepared me for the piercing. There was no way I could hide the wetness Amanda created when he left. The cool alcohol wash just about made me orgasm but I held it back. When I felt the needle pierced me I lost it. I had an orgasm. I let out a scream at the same time. Amanda was laughing. She said, “Sorry she can’t take pain very well.” She was trying to make it sound like my scream was from pain but she knew it was a scream from my orgasm. I’m not sure if he believed her it but he didn’t say anything. I looked in the mirror at my clit ring and have to admit I love the larger ring. The funny part was as we left he told us that it’s very important that we don’t wear panties for a few months. We both just giggled.”

I was so hard reading about her piecing. Amanda had one just like my sister. I quickly started searching the drive for later pictures. I opened a picture date stamped two days after they had their piercings. I was rewarded with a picture of my sister and Amanda sitting on the bed with their skirt pulled up showing of their piercings. I noticed they were exactly the same with a blue bead hanging off the ring. I guess Amanda decided to get the larger ring. I stared at the picture of the twin twats for a while feeling more blood flow back into my cock.

I decided to go back to the diary. I opened an entry by about a year or so later. I started skimming thru the entry’s looking for something wild. I didn’t have to go too far until I saw something that looked interesting.

Fri. August 11

“Today was a really bad day. David broke up with me and Amanda and John broke up yesterday. I have been so upset all day. I don’t even want to get out of my room. I can’t ever remember being so depressed. Amanda called and she is as upset as me. She told me that what we needed was a little ego boost. She wants to go out Saturday night and hit the clubs. I’m not sure yet if I am really up to it.

Sun. May 13

“Wow. 2 PM and I am still so hung over. Well I went out clubbing with Amanda. What a night. I have to admit she was right, a little ego boost was just what I needed. I told Amanda I didn’t want to go out but true to form at 7:00 she came over to my house and made me go with her. She actual pulled me out of my bed and started pulling my clothes off and picking out something for me to wear.

After a few minutes I stopped trying to argue with her and started getting dressed. She wanted us dressed to impress and she picked out an outfit to do it. The red dress just barely covered my ass and had a plunging neck line that went all the way to my belly button. Her dress was black and not as short as mine but had a split on both sides that went all the way to her hip, advertising to everyone she was not wearing panties. Even I was surprised she was wearing such a daring dress. We fixed our makeup and headed to the clubs. We had no problem getting in and seemed to run into plenty of guys wanting to buy us drinks. We were dancing and having a good time. We were both enjoying the attention. There was this one guy we met that was sooo sexy. He came and sat at the table with us and we started chatting. We just really hit it off. After a while he asked us both back to his apartment.

Amanda whispered in my ear. “Let’s rock his world.”

He sat between us in the back seat of the taxi and started taking turns kissing us. We were both so turned on. He placed a hand on each of our legs and started rubbing slowly up. Without the slightest protest I spread my legs to give him access. I looked over to see Amanda already had her dress pulled all the way to the side and he had a finger inside her. I am not sure how much the taxi drive saw but at that point I didn’t care who saw what. I was getting so wet watching him finger Amanda.

We pulled our dresses down as the taxi stopped. We ran out of the taxi into his apartment elevator waiting on him. As soon as he stepped into the elevator Amanda pulled her dress completely off and let it drop on the floor. I loved the look on his face as he looked at her standing there naked. Amanda reached over and pulled open my dress letting my breasts fall out. She got behind me and started rubbing my breasts and grinding her body into mine. “Sure you can handle the two of us?” Amanda purred.

By the time he had the apartment door open we were both naked. When he opened the door we attacked him. We ripped his pants off and got on our knees and double tongued this beautiful cock that was longer than most. We took turns sucking him. We made it to the bed still holding on to each other. Amanda got on all fours and wanted him to fuck her doggy. I have watched Amanda get fucked before and I was so wet watching them. She motioned for me to get under her and lick her pussy. It was so exciting watching up close as his cock slipped in and out of her pussy as I licked her. I was dripping wet watching. As his cock would slip in, I would extend my tongue and run it over his cock.

He would pump her pussy a few strokes and then fuck my mouth. Back and forth he shared his cock. He was so excited he didn’t last long before let us know he was about to cum. Amanda told him to cum in her pussy. I watched as he slammed his cock in her pussy and erupted. I could see his cock pulse as he dumped several loads inside her. Amanda told me to stay where I was and open my mouth. As soon as he pulled his cock out Amanda lifted up and squatted over my open mouth letting his cum drip into my mouth. She spread her pussy lips wide and lowered her pussy over my mouth. Watching Amanda drip his cum in my mouth had him hard again. She told me to get it all and ground her pussy in my face. It was so nasty and I was so turned on. I have no idea how many orgasms I had last night. “

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