Exploring pleasure – Session 12 – Awesomeness of Sis

I began to realize my sister was a submissive. Reading online about the whole BDSM world, I was surprised to find out it was not what I thought. I always thought being a submissive was the same as being a sex slave. Submissives are only there for your pleasure, at your every beck and call.

But the more I read, I realized a true submissive is all about giving up control; but only when the Dom can be trusted to not allow any real harm come to them. It’s a power play only when it is time to play. It is not something they do all the time. Most subs look and act just like everyone else. They have normal jobs, with families. Many of them are very strong and powerful men or women in the real world, but choose to be submissive in their sexual life.

I was now beginning to understand. I read an article from one sub that having her boundaries pushed or a good spanking was like having an out of body experience. She went on to say it was like she was not even herself, but someone entirely different. She experienced an endorphin rush she described as more addictive than any drug.

That explains how my sister can be so strong and tough at work and yet be totally submissive with sex. I was starting to understand a little more.

I stopped reading online and started looking back in her folder. I looked at the dates and saw one from when she was about 18. I opened the picture and my eyes just about popped out. I couldn’t believe I was looking at my sister’s best friend Amanda. I had the hot’s for her since I was thirteen.

It showed Amanda lying on my sister’s bed completely nude. She was laughing with her legs spread wide and her hands cupping her tits. In the photo, the flash emphasized her gaping pussy. I quickly had flashbacks, remembering hearing my sister and Amanda laughing in her room many times when I was a kid. I had actually fantasized about them having a pillow fight in the nude but nothing like this. This was better than any of my fantasies. She was even hotter than I had dreamed about. It was nice to see she was totally shaved like my sister. I guessed my sister had taken the picture, because the next picture was my sister posing the same way. They both looked so hot. The only difference was my sister had bigger nipples, but Amanda had bigger tits. In less than a second my cock was getting stiff.

I placed the cursor on the next image.


It was hotter than the last two. Barb and Amanda were in an embrace, pressing their nipples together. Nipple to nipple and cheek to cheek, I had no idea just how close the two of them really were.


Next they were kissing. It was a deep kiss with their tongues deep in each other’s mouths. Each cupping the other’s tits as they kissed. My cock was throbbing. I had no idea my sister and my youthful fantasy were bi. I started advancing the pictures faster, eager to see more.


The next shot had them still in a deep kiss while running a hand over each other’s wet pussy. My finger was shaking as it hovered over the enter key. My other hand was taking out my throbbing member.


They got into a 69 and started eating each other out. I could see Amanda’s tongue as it went deep into my sisters gaping pussy. My cock almost hurt from the blood rush as I looked at how very hot the two of them looked together.


In the next picture, Amanda was grabbing my sister by the hair and grinding her pussy into her mouth. Little meek and mild Amanda the dominate one? No way, I thought to myself. I was getting closer and closer to expelling my excitement.


The next showed Amanda pulling my sister on her back by her hair. It was a blurred shot but very erotic. I looked at my sister’s face and saw that combined expression of pleasure and pain.


I advanced even more quickly as I was getting close to my release. This shot was sooooo hot. Amanda was riding my sister’s face. Amanda had her back arched and was grinding her pussy and ass on my sister’s mouth. At the same time she was pulling my sisters nipples straight up until her breasts looked like a cone. I don’t see how my sister could even breathe. It looked like Amanda’s weight was only supported by my sister’s face. I could see her legs squeezing my sister’s face; holding her in place. I was getting closer to an explosion.


I advanced to the next picture. This one showed Amanda in the throes of orgasm riding Barb’s face. It was so exciting seeing how Amanda looked as she shook in orgasm.


The next two sent me over the edge. Amanda pulled my sister up on all fours. In Amanda’s hand was my first wooden magic wand and she was running it in my sister’s pussy My sister’s eyes were closed, her head lifted up with her mouth hung open. She looked like a dog howling at the moon.


I advanced and was rewarded with seeing my sister in what was no doubt an orgasm. Amanda was pushing my magic wand in her pussy while her other hand was pulling back hard on my sister’s hair. I let loose a huge load. I was actually shaking as pulse after pulse erupted from my engorged cock.

As I finally came back to reality, I released my cock and discovered the mess I had made. I slowly caught my breath. As my mind returned, I started remembering all the times I had been looking for that wand only to have my sister find it. Yea, she knew where it was all the time, in her pussy.

I went and got a drink with the pictures racing thru my mind. That was over seven years ago. I wonder if she still gets it on with Amanda. I knew Amanda had married two years ago and I was crushed that any chance to be with my fantasy woman was gone forever.

An awful idea popped into my mind at once. Maybe I could use these pictures to blackmail Amanda into having sex with me. What would her husband think? No, I could never do it. One, my sister would know I had stolen her personal pictures and two I was not the blackmailer type. Better to just leave it in my private fantasy world. The reality was I didn’t need Amanda. I had my sister and she now had me totally obsessed. I wanted to fuck her. Hard.

I know everything I said to myself about oral sex not being sex. But I wanted it worse than anything in the world. I wanted to fuck her over and over in every way that can be called sex. I wanted to try it all and I wanted to do it with my sister. I had crossed the line when I shot my cum into my sister’s mouth. There was no going back now, I finally admitted it to myself. No reason to try to hide it anymore. I simply had to fuck her and I was not going to stop until I found a way to do it.

I still had some time left and sat back down at my computer. I looked in the folder again and saw she had a word document that looked like a diary. . I opened it and started reading. The date looked like the entry was a few months before the pictures I just viewed.

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