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Exploring Pleasure – Session 10 – Turned On with Sister

I have never seen a woman so turned on. I understood how she felt. I could feel the pre-cum forming on the head of my cock, and I had not touched it once. How was it possible for a mouth to look so inviting, so sexual and desirable? I wouldn’t have though it was possible, but I wanted her mouth even more than I wanted her pussy.

“I have finished with the rope,” I told her with a quiver in my own voice from the excitement. “I am going to help you to lie on the floor, so I can hook up the winch to the board.”

She was so lost she just nodded. I helped her to squat down and was rewarded by seeing her pussy lips gap open wide. Her smell was so incredible and seemed to fill up the whole room. The ropes, belts and lights had her whole body sweating that it only added to her sexual aura.

So very softly, I let the tip of my finger stroke across her clit. Once again, she let out that deep gasp and opened her mouth again in that perfect “O”. I removed my finger quickly before she could be sure it was a touch and placed it in my mouth. It tasted better than honey. The throbbing in my cock was becoming almost painful as it bobbed up and down. I managed to hook up the winch and lifted her up slowly. I didn’t want her to orgasm yet. As soon as her head cleared the floor, I started lifting faster. I wanted to smell that wet pussy again and see if I could taste more of her.

I stopped with her pussy even with my head. Her whole cunt was so red as if it were engorged with blood. I very gently again allowed a single finger to just brush across her clit. It was so enlarged it was completely out of the hood that hid it. This time a louder moan came from her mouth, and her tongue extended out. I noticed that I had lifted her so that her mouth was only inches from my cock. I don’t remember willingly placing her mouth the exact height of my cock, but there it was. Her mouth was still open, and she had extended her tongue even more.

I stared at that open, waiting mouth and my cock started bobbing up and down like a racehorse eager to go. Almost in a dream, I felt my cock move closer and closer to her open mouth. I had no will power left at all. I could not stop; my body had a mind of its own. My hips moved until the tip of my cock brushed her extended tongue. As soon as her tongue came in contact with my dick, she began to strain her head to get more. Her tongue darted around the tip of my cock, licking up all the pre-cum that had leaked out. I remembered the video and willed myself to just let her reach the head of my cock. She was thrashing and groaning upside down,

trying to get more of my cock in her mouth. I started pulling on her labia rings hard, placing them between my fingers and pulling all four up and apart at the same time. This caused her thrashing to become more erratic, causing her head to swing closer till she was able to get the head of my cock in her mouth. She clamped her mouth around the head of my cock, and the vacuum she created with her suction was incredible. She was actually pulling me in closer with her mouth.

She was struggling so hard I could hear the straps creak as she strained against her bonds. I was becoming as lost as her. My carefully laid plans went completely out of my mind. There was no more teasing. I pushed my cock in her mouth and watched her devour it with a gulp. I started fucking her mouth. She took it with passion and obsession. I saw her tongue extend all the way out and had to see if I could force my cock all the way down her throat. I grabbed the collar around her neck and pushed the entire length of my cock down her throat. The sensation was unbelievable.

I felt the head of my cock slip down her throat and tightness engulf the head as her throat squeezed. Her tongue was licking the top of my cock. I knew she could not breathe with my cock all the way down, but I held her there for a while, basking in the unknown pleasure. I let loose of the leather collar, and she pulled off just enough to gasp for breath. I started face-fucking her again with strong steady strokes, trying to make each stroke go all the way down. Once again, I reached down to the collar and pushed my cock all the way down her throat and held her. At the same time, I lowered my head and had my first full taste of her dripping wet pussy. I sucked and played with her clit as my fingers pulled on her rings.

As I sucked her clit, I felt her body jerk and thrash in orgasm. The muscles in her throat clamped down even harder, but I would not let her off my cock. I held here there, unable to breathe but thrashing in orgasmic bliss. Just as her orgasm was slowing down, I let her off my cock to catch her breath and inserted 3 fingers in her pussy. My fingers slipped into her sloppy, wet pussy with ease, and I started quickly fucking her with them. She started bucking even as she was gasping for air. Not once did she let my cock slip from her mouth. I started rubbing my thumb over her clit as I fucked her pussy faster. I could tell she was close to another orgasm. This one seemed to be building up even faster than the first.

I waited for her body to spasm then once again stuffed my cock down her throat. Her orgasm was even stronger than the first time. I could feel her throat squeeze my cock as her orgasms rocked over her body. As her orgasmic shakes slowed, I once again eased my cock back enough for her to breathe. She was like a wild animal with her shaking and thrashing around. I knew I could not last much longer and wanted to give an orgasm like I knew she could have. I pulled my fingers from her pussy and begin rubbing a finger around her ass.

I made little circle motions with my finger around her ass bud. Then I let the tip of my finger slip in her ass just a little and pulled it out. Back and forth I set the pace, letting just a little more of my finger slip in with each stroke. She was moaning and bucking. Her mouth was all over my cock like an animal gone mad. I was fucking her ass with my finger in slow strokes then added another finger. She was squeezing her ass around my fingers as I fucked her.

I could feel the build-up of cum deep inside me. My body stiffened as it prepared to release. I bucked my hips as hard as I could and felt my cock slip down her throat as I exploded. Pulse after pulse of cum shot out of my cock. My legs started feeling weak as I saw her shudder into an orgasm that seemed to make the whole room shake. I left my fingers in her ass, letting her enjoy the orgasm she deserved.

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