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Exploring Pleasure – Session 09 – A Day to be Remembered

I ran to the basement as quick as I could. I was prepared today. I brought my video camera with me and found a good pace to record without being too obvious. Then I got all the stage lights out and set up so the stage was really brightly lit up. It did kind of look like a poor-man’s stage.

I turned on the camera just as I heard the door open and saw my sister come down the stairs. I was almost worried she would change into something other than that skin-tight leotard, but one quick glance showed me I had nothing to worry about.

“Teddy, is it bright enough for you? Those lights are really bright,” she said as she walked toward me.

“You have to get use to them. A real stage is every bit this bright,” I told her.

I had her stand in front of the box as before. I had to stare just for a second, looking at her beauty. I doubt she realize just how transparent her leotard was under the bring lights. I reached down and grabbed my new leather harness. I placed it around her waist as before, pulling it tight. Again her lips let out a slight gasp. Knowing it was not pain, I didn’t comment and continued.

“Lift your neck up,” I instructed her as I placed the leather collar around her neck.

I could feel her breath on my hand as I hooked the latch on the leather collar, and it caused my cock to stir. I took my time latching the collar, even wrapping my hand around her throat. I did this very slowly, pretending to adjust the collar. With my hand around her throat, I could feel her pulse racing. I could actually see her nipples were getting harder and stuck out more against the thin fabric. I could see that distant stare start, but I wanted to make her wait. Part of the fun was trying to make it last as long as possible.

“I have decided to make this trick little bit harder. I am going to be blindfolded. But if you don’t want me to blindfold you, I can still get the idea,” I mentioned casually.

“No! You have to blindfold me,” She said in almost a panic. Her excitement was so apparent.

“You can’t really see how it will look. So you have to,” she continued.

It was pretty lame excuse, but I acted like it was good idea. As I placed the blindfold over her eyes, I looked into her eyes as the blindfold dropped over them and could see that distant glazed stare return. Now that she could not see me really checking her out, I stepped back to look at how hot she was looking. I noticed the elastic in her leotard top had stretched a lot from our last use.

There was a lot more cleavage on display than there was before. I was going to take my time. I slowly took her left hand and placed the strap on it, locking it to the belt. I adjusted the belt as I locked her wrists. As I had hoped, it pulled the fabric down, exposing more of her tits. I did the same with the right, making sure to pull down on the belt again. After the second pull, I could see areola start to emerge from her top.

Her tits were coming out a lot easier than the first time. I must have really stretched her top last time. My cock was hard, and I was so excited at seeing her like this, I was having trouble thinking. I spread her legs, attached the ankle straps and locked her legs to the board that kept them spread. I could see a stain at her crotch. I was unsure if it was from her wetness, or the deposit I had left there the night before.

“This going to take some time. I have never had to tie so many complex knots at one time,” I told her as I got the rope out. “If you want to sit down for a few minutes before I get started, that will be fine. Once I start, you will have to stand until I am finished.”

She didn’t answer me, just shook her head no and I started. I placed a short rope around the back of her neck so both ends draped in front of her resting on her breasts. I measured down to top of her breasts and tied a knot. Then I tied another knot just below her breasts. As I pulled and manipulated the ropes, I tugged on the leotard, letting more and more of her breasts escape.

I was so close to having both her tits totally out of that leotard. It would not take too much more. I began the slow and complex pattern of crisscrossing the ropes around her sides, under her breasts and above them. I pulled the ropes, going under her breasts. With one last tug, both breasts came completely free. I let out a small gasp of my own as I viewed their beauty. Her breasts were squeezed between the ropes, making them stand out even more.

I kept adjusting the ropes so that the ropes wrapping around her body were squeezing all sides of her breasts. Her breasts were a beautiful red from the contracting of the ropes, and her nipples looked to have swelled a half an inch. Her breathing was very quick, and her body shuddered each time I pulled any of the ropes tight. I had avoided her clit and pussy. I didn’t want her to orgasm yet. I wanted to make this moment to last as long as possible.

Now was the tricky part. At this point she was so gone, I could have probably just pulled her leotard bottoms to the side and expose her whole pussy. But it could also break the moment and that would end it all. I had to manipulate her leotard bottom to the side without it feeling like I was moving it. Last time, I just pulled the fabric in her pussy by pulling a rope between her ass cheeks. I wanted more this time.

I wanted to see everything. I slipped the rope between her legs and let it rest next to the side of her leotard bottoms. I pretended to be adjusting the rope, but I was actually pulling the rope to the side, allowing it to pull the leotard. I could see the fabric start to bunch up and across her wet dripping pussy lips. The rope rubbed her labia rings as it pulled across, and she let out a loud moan.

Her body was starting to shake in small tremors. I stopped moving the rope at once. If she started her orgasm now, it would all be over. I gave her a chance to let the tremor stop then went back to pulling the rope. With the smallest of tugs, her wet pussy was being exposed. It was so beautiful; the way the golden rings pulled her lips apart. Her wetness was so evident that it shined in the bright light. With only a few more pulls, I had it all the way to the side, and her pussy was completely exposed. My face was only inches from her dripping snatch; the smell was intoxicating. I could never in my life remember being this turned on.

I wanted to jerk off so bad. I felt like I was about to cum in my pants when suddenly it struck me; she was blindfolded. She has no idea what I was doing. I unzipped my pants and let my cock free. It felt so good to let it escape its confine. I felt so bad for looking at my naked sister. I continued to tie the ropes around her with my cock just inches from her. I allowed my fingers to tug her nipple rings as the ropes came close.

Each time I pulled a ring, her body would shake, her mouth would open and a deep-throated gasp escaped. Her tits rose and fell with each rapid breath, making her nipple rings seem to jingle. She had her mouth open in an “O” shape, and I could see her tongue start to slip out just a little. My cock throbbed and jerked. She was asking for something to be put in her mouth, and my cock knew it.

I could not help myself; I started pulling harder on her nipple rings with each pass. I could hear her gasp with each hard tug, and her tongue extended out even more. I glanced at her beautiful wet pussy, to find her excitement was dripping down her leg and onto the floor.

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