Exploring Pleasure – Session 08 – Is it Good with Sister

I sat in my chair, trying to make it all clear in my mind. I had the knowledge of every secret and desire of my sister. This was unreal, but it was also power. But dare I use this knowledge to my advantage? Again the guilt began to come back. I truly love my sister. I don’t want to hurt her. How will this affect our relationship?

Exploring Pleasure – Session 07 – A Magic with Sister

I had to ponder these questions before I could go any further. Several times I started to delete the private folder I had stolen from my sister. But each time I would see her in my mind’s eye being tied up and hanging upside down. I couldn’t do it. I had to know more. I knew now that no matter where this path would lead I had to go down it.

Looking at the clock, I realized my sister would be calling soon to see when I was coming over again today. I wanted to make some changes to my escape trick, but at the same time I wanted to see how far I could push my sister as well. My cock started getting hard just thinking of seeing my sister orgasm again.

As long as she thinks everything I do is part of the magic trick then she would probably go along with it. What really gets her hot? Well, time for a little research. I turned on my computer, opened my sister’s private folder, and started viewing her photos. I had better stay away from the videos for a while. Last time I watched one of those, I ended up unable to contain myself. This was going to require that I not lose control.

I opened several pictures where she appeared to be in the throes of orgasm. One thing they all had in common was she was tied up and blindfolded. I wrote down both items for consideration. I really started looking closely at the pictures. The knots that were used were not just functional, but very attractive. The guy who tied her up was really masterful in his presentation of the knots he used.

I realized how drab and dull my own knots looked compared to the ones in the pictures. Presentation was very important, so I need to step up my game when it comes to my rope work. Since the day I first decided to be an escape artist, learning about knots and locks was a necessity. I reached up on my shelf and took down one of my references on knots.

Getting out a piece of paper, I drew out a very simple sketch of a woman’s body. I started with laying out the ropes so they didn’t just wrap the body, but opened and closed to conform to the body. After several rough attempts, I finally had a really hot looking design. The only thing I would have to add, besides more ropes, was a leather collar with a ring. As soon as I wrote the words down on the paper, my cock sprung to life.

“What am I thinking?” I said out loud.

I can’t put a leather collar on my sister. This would not look like a trick; it would look almost pornographic. I had drawn the collar in without even realizing what it looked like. It was not my mind that was doing the thinking. I looked over the sketch several times. Damn it looked really great. I had to find a way to change the rope work so as not to use the leather collar around her neck. But try as I may, I just could not change it. It was perfect. The layout and the contour around the body would look so good. I could not even bring myself to erasing one line on the sketch.

“What am I going to do now?” I almost screamed.

I realized that maybe I didn’t need to do away with it. All I need to do was make it not look like something from a BDSM scene. I took another piece of paper and started sketching out just the collar by itself. I had to have two rings to start the ropes. I then drew the leather belt that went around the waist. If I could connect them,

it should look more like a commercial restraint. I sketched in four leather straps that went from the leather collar to the belt. Two went behind the back while the other two were in the front. I had to spread them out enough so that if my sister wore this it would go beside her tits and not mash them. I allowed more space and added all the buckles.

“This will work,” I said joyfully.

I realized I just had enough time to drive to Lenny’s and see if he could make it for me. I grabbed both sketches and my car keys and took off.

I drove up to his business and saw him in the back, repairing some leather furniture.

“Lenny, I need a really big favor. I am working on a new escape trick and I need some new gear.” I tried to look hopeful.

I handed him the drawing of the harness and gave him time to study it.

“Well, it’s not that hard to make. I can have it to you in a few days, if that’s ok,” Lenny said.

“Well, to be honest, I was hoping to try it out tonight. I finally have a show booked, and I need all the time I can to practice.” I almost begged him.

Lenny held up his hand and chuckled. “I thought you would say something like that! Man, you are always in a hurry. Come on. I can make it in about an hour if you help.”

True to his word, in just over an hour, it was done. It looked really wicked. It looked like something you would restrain a criminal or a lunatic. Just the look I wanted.

I paid him, grabbed my sketches and leatherwork, and headed back to the car. I had just about enough time to get to my sister’s. My timing could not have been better. I drove in her driveway just as she pulled in behind me.

“Hey sis, you ready to get back to work?” I said as I gave her a hug.

It just blows me away how classy my sister looks when she is wearing her business casual clothing. Her hair was up, and her makeup was very simple but elegant. No one would ever believe the animal that lies beneath those clothes.

“Sure, Teddy. Just let me change and get a glass of wine. It’s been a really long day.” Her shoulders dropped and her eyes looked tired.

As I sat down with her, we both enjoyed the wine when she asked me about what I was going to do tonight. I told her how I had made several changes to the illusion. I explained how the rope work looked very unprofessional and it looked too easy to escape. I had redesigned the straps and the rope work to look better. I reached in my backpack and handed her the sketch I had made of the harness. I could see she seemed to perk up considerably. I then showed her sketch of the new rope work and pulled out the new leather harness to show her how it really looked.

At once I saw it. That look in her eyes. That distant stare without even a blink. It only lasted a few seconds, but I saw it. She kept sipping on her wine and in a casual tone asked, “You need my help tonight with it?”

Even as the words left her mouth, I could see she wanted to so bad she could not stand it. There was even a slight squirm in her chair as she acted like she didn’t have a care in the world. That look and the squirm was all I need to start getting hard. It was all I could do to tell her that I didn’t need her help. Just to see the panic look in her eyes would have been exciting. But a part of me worried she may just say ok.

“Sure, sis. Give me 10 minutes or so to set everything up,” I agreed.

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