Exploring Pleasure – Session 07 – A Magic with Sister

I watched as she carefully closed her mouth and tried to swallow. There was just too much in her mouth and a little leaked from the corner of her mouth. She almost made it, but almost didn’t count.

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He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to the bed then flipped her over on her stomach. He quickly tied her wrists to the headboard and spread her legs as wide as possible before tying them to the foot board. She was pleading with him.

“I am so sorry, master. I will do better next time,” I heard her whimper through the static.

“I know you will. And this will help you remember.” He let out a deep chuckle. He grabbed a butt plug from a nightstand and stuck it in her mouth. “Suck on this for a little while. Do not let it fall out of your mouth unless you really want to have to pay,” he growled.

He started smacking her ass with his hands. First the left ass cheek then the right, back and forth in a steady rhythm. With each smack, I could see her still trying to suck on the anal plug in her mouth. I could tell from the redness on her ass, it was starting to really sting. After a little while, I could see she was grinding her hips into the bed trying to get herself off.

He gave her one hard slap on her ass. Her ass was so red, it looked as if it had been painted. That last slap almost made her drop the plug in her mouth, but she managed to hold on to it at the last second. He removed the butt plug from her mouth and started slowly inserting it in her ass. He teased her with just the tip. Slipping it in just a little and then stopping. Then he would remove it and do it again. She was bucking her hips, trying to get him to put it in further. He would pull it back, never allowing more than the tip to enter her.

“Beg me. You have to ask. What do you want?” It was an order and she knew it.

“Please. I need my butt plug, sir,” she whimpered.

As soon as she asked him, he inserted it all the way in until all that could be seen was the flange at the base. The butt plug had a pretty diamond crystal molted into the base that sparkled in the lights. It only made the viewing more erotic. She let out a groan that was so close to orgasm, but was not yet there. He took his belt off and rested the leather lay across her ass. He didn’t even smack her with the belt; he just drug it back and forth across her ass cheeks. With each slow pull of the belt across her ass, she would moan even louder.

“Now, you are not to orgasm until I give you permission. Do you understand?” There was power in his voice now. “I am going to place my cock in your mouth. You are going to worship my cock. Your only desire is to feel my cock in your mouth. If you show me that my cock is your desire then I will not whip you with the belt. If at one time you lose focus, you will feel the belt. If you orgasm before I tell you, you will be punished longer and harder. Do you understand?” His voice was quick and commanding.

She started off good, but then he started playing with her nipples. Pulling on them and rubbing them between his fingers. She started moaning with each tug and I could see she stated rubbing her hips in the bed again trying to get some friction on her clit. He saw it and was even waiting for it.

In a flash, the belt came across her ass with a crack. A cry came out of her mouth, but she never let his cock fall out. The red strip on her ass was almost a whelp. She doubled her effort in sucking and licking his cock. Her every action was to please this cock that was in front of her. Her eyes looked almost glazed over as if her she was not even there. I had seen that look myself when she was hanging upside down and tied up. He began to tease her by pulling his cock just out of her mouth’s reach. She would stretch as far as the rope would allow,

even push her tongue out to get a little more reach. He would allow his cock to always be close enough so there was a way for her to reach it. The very tip of her tongue licked over the tip of his cock. She was and so hungry for it. She was fighting the ropes with all her strength to just get a little more reach. She managed to pull hard enough to get another inch of reach so her tongue could now reach all around the head of his cock.

“That’s it. You know you need it. There is nothing you would not do to get my cock just a little closer. Your mouth is thirsting for it. A good slut should be rewarded,” he said in a silky voice.

With one quick thrust, he pushed his cock down her throat. She had her tongue extended all the way out. It was amazing to see his cock slide all the way down her waiting throat. She didn’t even seem to realize she was tied and had a butt plug in her. All she really wanted was his cock. At that moment, I know she would have done anything to get it. She wasn’t just trying to please him. She really wanted it more than anything. I could see it in her eyes. There was a savage desire, almost animalistic aggression to have his cock.

“That it, baby. It’s all yours now. Enjoy my cock,” he cooed.

She was totally lost on his cock, kissing, sucking and licking every inch of his cock like it was the only thing in the world that mattered. He let her continue for a while then very gently pulled his cock out of her reach. She was still struggling against the ropes, wanting to get it back in her mouth.

“No, No. Please I have to have it.” She looked almost insane with desire.

“Shhh. It’s ok, baby. It’s ok.” He was so gentle with his words. His tone was so tender and soft that it didn’t register at fist.

He walked behind her slowly. I could see her eyes never left his cock as it swayed back and forth. She was actually drooling and struggling to get that cock back in her mouth. He slowly removed the butt plug and placed the tip of his cock in her ass. Slowly he inched his cock in her ass. He would get a little in then stop.

She started pushing her hips back against the pressure of his cock, but he only pulled back. Again he let a little more in her ass as her moans grew louder. He was very slow and even a little gentle as he slowly pumped his cock back and forth. I could see her breathing get faster and faster as he started fucking her ass faster. Before long she was screaming.

“You may have your orgasm now,” he said is a very soft and sweet tone.

It was as if she had been waiting on those words. She started shaking all over and exploded in one orgasm that seemed to keep going. I thought it would stop, but she would catch her breath her body would go stiff and begin to shake again. I had only one girlfriend that was multi-orgasmic, but this seemed to go on and on.

I could see that he was close to having an orgasm as he arched his back. He came in her ass just as she had the strongest orgasm yet. They were both covered in sweat and breathing hard as he collapsed on top of her and rested with his cock still buried in her ass. I watched as he slowly got flaccid and popped out of her ass. He untied her and she took off the collar.

Then the most amazing thing happened. They started talking about stuff they wanted to do that day like nothing they had just done even happened. I saw him go over and turn of the camera. I sat there dumbfounded. I had seen this behavior of my sister as well. After she had her orgasm, it was like nothing ever happened. How long has this been going on? Just how wild is my sister? These questions haunted me and I knew I had to find the answers.

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