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Exploring Pleasure – Session 06 – Revealing Secret of Sister

The folder erupted on my screen with tens of thousands of files. There was everything in this folder; word documents, picture files, video files, even passwords. There were thousands of word and text documents that would take years to read everything. I sorted the folder by date and went from the latest to the oldest.

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The entry was only two days ago and it was a picture file. I opened it up and there was my sister totally naked on her bed with her legs spread wide.

She had what looked like weights on her nipple rings that were pulling hard down on her nipples as she spread her pussy with her one hand by pulling on her labia ring and with her other hand pressing the vibrator on her clit. This was more than I could take.

I started jerking off while looking at the picture. I had the picture viewer set up to advance after 10 seconds so the next picture came into view. It was even hotter as the picture caught her in the middle of an orgasm as she pushed 4 fingers deep in her pussy. I could see her hands covered with her wetness. I didn’t make it to another picture advanced when I shot off my third load of the night. I paused the viewer to clean myself up and had to catch my breath.

I was becoming completely obsessed with my sister. This was so wrong. I should stop now and sleep on this before I look at more. I closed the folder and collapsed in the bed at almost 4:00 AM. I slept for about two hours when the alarm on the clock woke me.

“Time to go to work,” I thought as I dragged myself out of the bed.

I got in the shower and was starting to wake up when the magnitude of the folder I had decrypted hit me. There must be 5 or 6 years of stuff in that folder. Every secret and detail of her life was in that one folder and I had only got a glimpse of it. Just thinking about what I had seen had me hard again. There was no way I could go to work today.

I got out and called work to tell them I didn’t feel very well and needed to take the day off. As soon as that was taken care of, I slipped on a pair of running shorts and a T-shirt before booting up my computer. That little voice of guilt was still there, but now it was more of a whisper and had no sway. I decided to skip around a little and just see a little of everything. I saw a video file from about 2 years ago and opened it up.

It was a video of my sister and her ex-boyfriend David, I think was his name. They both had their clothes on. The camera seemed to be on a tripod; no one seemed to be moving it. The video was pretty good, but the audio was awful; I could just barely hear what was being said. I saw my sister reach in a drawer and pull out a leather collar and place it around her neck.

After she had the leather collar on, he ordered her to strip. She kept her head down and slowly started removing her clothes. I was surprised to see she did not have her nipples pierced but there was 5 piercings in her pussy. There were 2 on each side of her labia and one in her clit hood. The rings were smaller than the ones I had seen, but just as sexy.

“On your knees, slave, and show me how you appreciate my cock,” I heard him say through the bad recording.

I watched as she used her teeth to unzip his fly and her mouth to unhook his belt. The wait was killing me. I could tell from her face that it was driving her crazy with lust as well. I was in a trance watching my sister use only her mouth to remove his cock, and it slipped into her waiting mouth. I could not hear what he was saying, but it was obvious that she was not allowed to use her hands. As his cock grew in her mouth, I was surprised to see just how big he really was. My sister was only taking about half his cock in her mouth when he grabbed her hair in his hands and pushed his cock all the way to his balls.

“All the way, bitch. Stick that tongue out like I taught you,” he growled.

I watched as her tongue extended out under his cock. I could tell she could not breathe, but he still would not let her off his cock. Her face was red, and there was a bulge in her throat. She had swallowed his whole cock. After about 30 seconds of making her choke on his cock, he let her up to breathe. She gasped in air with tears in her eyes, but there was no hiding the wetness dripping down her leg. She loved every second of it.

Just as she was able to breathe again, he started face-fucking her hard. Each time she didn’t take him all the way down, he would grab her hair and force it down. My emotions were totally at odds. I had never been so excited and at the same time wanted to beat the shit of this asshole for doing this to my sister. But even as I thought that, I could see the joy and pure rapture in her face. She was doing everything she wanted and no one was making her do anything. She was his submissive, but that is what she demanded of a boyfriend. I understood now and that only turned me on more.

I fast-forwarded till he looked like he was about to cum and went back to normal speed. She was really into sucking his cock now, and I could see he was close to cumming. I wanted to see how she likes it, on her face, her tits or in her mouth. As he stated to grow and tighten up, I saw her pull her mouth off his cock and open as wide as possible. She was just a few inches from his cock, but she waited for the eruption that was sure to come.

The first explosion hit her square in the center of her open mouth. His hand went down to his pulsating cock and started pumping all he had into her open eager mouth. I could see with each pump that he was dumping more and more cum into her open mouth. With his last spasm and pump, he seemed to get it all out. Her mouth was still open, showing her master that she had caught it all. “Now swallow it all and if you let any escape you will be punished.”

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