Exploring Pleasure – Session 04 – A root to Incest Story

I tied a leather strap around each of her wrists and her ankles. Again I pulled them tight as I strapped them down. Each time she gave a little shutter. I was a little confused with her reaction, but I just thought that maybe she was nervous. I kept getting distracted as her nipples rose and fell with her rapid breathing.

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It was keeping me from focusing on the illusion. I got two locks and locked her left wrist to the belt at her side. Then I did the same for the right side. She now had her arms pinned and could not lift them. Next I took a wooden board that was about 3 feet long and locked each of her ankles to each side of the board.

I pushed her legs apart and connected each of her ankles. I looked up at her to make sure she was ok when I noticed that her leotard had slipped up tight between her legs. Every detail of her pussy was pressing against the thin material. I was close enough I could almost feel the heat coming of her, and it caused me to take a little longer than I should. To my total amazement,

I could see that my sister had more than just her nipples pierced. I stared for what seemed like forever, looking at her almost visible pussy. It looked like she had maybe 3 or 4 rings in her pussy. My cock was already hard when she came down in that damn leotard; now it was like a rock. There was no way I could hide it now, so I just stood up and tried not to let her see. But to my amazement, my sister had her eyes closed and seemed to be in a different world.

“Barb, listen up. The next part is very important. I am going to wrap you with this rope. The rope appears to only make it harder to escape, but the real reason for using it on this illusion is it gives support when being hung upside down. Watch very carefully how I tie the rope around you.” I somehow managed to get it out without my voice giving away my excitement.

There was a ring in the back of the belt I had placed around her waist and I tied it there to start. I went over her left shoulder and between her legs. I tried to let the rope rest to the side of her pussy, but as I pulled it tight, it slipped between her pussy lips. She let out air quickly between her clinched teeth. There was even a very slight shutter. I looked up at her face. What I saw was sheer ecstasy.

I may be slow, but I know when a woman is turned on. I forgot all about being gentle and roughly started running the rope over her other shoulder and between her legs. The rope slipped between her ass cheeks and disappeared in the depths of her sexy ass. This had the effect of pulling the leotard material up between her legs until I could see it start to slip into her smooth pussy. As the material slipped into her pussy,

I could see the rings in her pussy lips starts to show. On both sides of the material, I could see part of the golden rings start to slip out of the thin material that kept them trapped. I was in a trance as the rings were slowly revealed until over half the rings exposed. They must have been close to 1 inch in diameter and seemed to glisten with wetness. I kept tension on the rope, pulling it tight in the cleft of her lips and made another pass across the right shoulder.

My hands were shaking, and I could feel the heat from my own face as blood rushed to my head with excitement. My heartbeat was so fast that my ears were throbbing with each beat. I passed the rope again between her legs and let my hand brush across the exposed rings on the right side of her leotard.

I pulled the rope up at the same time, causing more of her leotard to disappear into her wet pussy and was rewarded with the front ring almost completely being exposed. I could now see that the rings were attached to her labia and the brushing of my hand across the rings caused a slight tug that pulled on her labia and her wetness to transfer to back of my hand. Her wetness was like a drug that was sweeter than any perfume or flower.

The slight tug on her labia caused her to body to give a quiver, and a slight gasp came from her mouth. The blood in my cock was pulsing to beat of my heart. My cock felt like it was trying to tear my pants to escape. I could see her eyes were almost glazed, and she was not looking at anything at all. Her body was here, but where her mind was I could not say. All I did know is there was ecstasy in that gaze.

I helped her to lie on her back while I attached the winch to the board to hang her upside down. I quickly hooked the winch with shaking hands and started lifting her up. As her legs were lifted, the ropes between her legs started pushing harder against her pussy. Her face was so red now and her breathing was coming out in gasps. I lifted her all the way off the floor, her body hanging upside down.

With her hair touching the floor, I could see between her spread legs that her juices were flowing freely, and her exposed labia rings were dripping her wetness. It was the most erotic thing I had ever seen in my life. I was dizzy with lust. I watched in almost slow motion as a bead of her juices flowed down around the golden ring and slowly onto the floor.

I continued to lift her when I stopped to capture the real beauty of the view.

“Sis, you need to let the audience know you can’t get loose. Try to lift up your back and rock back and forth.” This was not really part of the act but I knew it would cause the ropes to rub across her clit. A thought ran through my mind in a flash. “Let me get my camera so I can see how it this is working out,” I managed to get out without messing up the words.

I ran over to the corner of the basement and pulled out my camera. I turned around just in time to see my sister rocking back and forth quickly then start shaking. I have been with enough women to know what going on; she was having an orgasm and trying to hide it. She was so turned that she could not see me watching her. So I quickly took a few pics, without the flash, of her in the spasms of a huge orgasm. I gave her a few seconds to recover and returned with my camera. I acted like I had no idea she had just had a huge orgasm. But a hard cock could not hide my excitement.

“We are going to have to make this quick. You are starting to get red in the face, sis,” I told her in a voice that I hoped convince her I wasn’t lusting after her.

She seemed to recover and agreed with me that she was getting light-headed. Just a few more minutes, I told her as I took a few more pictures, making sure to zoom in on her almost completely exposed pussy lips and rings. I lifted her up higher and placed the box under her. I don’t think she realized that from all the shaking she had done that her large breasts were almost out of the leotard.

There was even a hint of her areola peeking above the material. I lowered her into the box and placed the top on with only her feet exposed. As I locked the top on, I could see that more of her nipple was working its way out of the top. I quickly took a few more pictures. I took the last one just as her nipple let go of the material and popped out, in all its glory, with that huge nipple ring following.

I quickly put the camera down and unlocked the box and got her back on the ground. She was in such a state I don’t think she even realized that both her nipples were over her leotard top. I began to untie her once she was on the ground. I was facing her back and took the locks on her wrists and untied the rope. When I went back to the front, she had her top pulled back up as if it never fell down. I couldn’t help but glance down and see that she had pulled her leotard bottoms out some, but not all the way, and a golden wet metal ring peeked out.

“That was harder than I thought it would be, Teddy. I need to rest. I am a little light-headed.” she told me, standing up and heading upstairs.

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