lesbian at Festival – Session 02 – Soul Satisfying

“Stay with me if you fancy some fun.”

I squeezed her legs again to signal I was interested, and pushed back against the warmth on my back.

Shortly afterwards, our friends announced they were planning on heading into the arena as the bands would be starting soon.

lesbian at Festival – Session 03 End – Horny Lesbian story

Lesbian at Festival – Session 01 – Festival with Friends

Vicki said she couldn’t be bothered just yet though as there weren’t any she was interested in until later, and trying not to sound too keen I agreed with her, and offered to stay and keep her company.

We agreed to come find them later on, and they headed off leaving us alone. Vicki smiled at me again, and said, “Do you fancy getting out of the sun and hanging out in my tent?”

I smiled back at her. “That sounds like a good idea, lead on.” We went to her tiny one man tent, and as she bent to climb in she hiked her skirt up a little, revealing what I suspected. She hadn’t just taken off her fishnets when she went in earlier, and I got a beautiful eyeful of her cunt and arsehole right Infront of my face. I gave her a quick playful bite on the bum, and she giggled as we entered her tent.

As hot as it was outside in the direct sun, it was like an oven inside the tent.

“Excuse the mess,” she said, she had a sleeping bag in the middle of her tent and her belongings either side. In the far corner was a pile of clothes that were obviously her dirty laundry, and ontop of the pile were her fishnets and a lacy black pair of panties. We lay down ontop of the sleeping bag, the tight confines of the tent forcing us close together. We wrapped our arms around each other and without hesitation we began to kiss tenderly, we had been teasing this moment all day and were both so turned on by this point.

She reached for the buttons on my jeans and undid it, I wriggled out of them leaving my dirty panties on. I ran my hand slowly over her bare legs, stroking my fingers up and down her chunky thighs, slipping my hand under her skirt and squeezing her arse, pulling her closer. Our legs tangled together as we kissed more passionately, each of us with a thigh between the other’s legs, rubbing up against it.

I could feel she was dripping wet already, her slick juices leaking out from her hot bare pussy and coating my thigh. I could feel myself soaking through my panties as well, pressing down hard against her thigh as I rubbed my dirty panty clad pussy against it.

I broke the kiss and pushed her away slightly so she rolled onto her back. I sat up over her (as much as was possible anyway in the small confines of the tent) and moved my hand between her legs. I ran my fingers over her dripping wet cunt, rubbing her pussy lips as two of my fingers slipped inside her with no resistance at all.

She moaned deeply as my fingers entered her, and pushed back against them. I curled my fingers inside her, pushing against her g-spot and she moaned even louder, then hushed herself. “I’m too loud, I’m going to need something to gag me,” she said with a naughty smile, hooking her fingers inside the waistband of my filthy panties.

I raised myself off of her so she could pull them down, but I said to her “I really don’t know if you want to do that, I haven’t changed them since I got here” She grinned even more and bought them up to her face, breathing them in deeply as a response

“They smell pretty fucking good to me,” she said.

I was so turned on by this and as I carried on playing with her soaking wet cunt I added a third finger, flexing them inside her. She stuffed my panties into her mouth (I noticed she made sure to put the crotch in first, so the filthy material would be against her tounge, getting the full flavour of my stinking cunt) and she grabbed my wrist, pulling me even deeper, fucking my fingers hard.

I could tell she wouldn’t last long at all as she was bucking against my hand, crying out in muffled moans, her dripping wet cunt squelching around my fingers. I added my fourth finger (she was certainly no virgin) and she pulled me in even deeper, I wriggled my fingers as much as I could, feeling her hot fleshy pussy walls squeeze around them as she started to cum. I felt her hot juices flowing out around my hand, soaking the back of her skirt and her sleeping bag.

As her orgasm subsided I slowly slid out of her pussy, her juices covered my hand down past my wrist and were dripping from my fingertips. I gave her a naughty smile this time, and bought my soaking wet hand up to my face. I licked my fingers greedily, deliberately being messy so her juices smeared over my face. I then pulled my panties out of her mouth and leant down to kiss her deeply. She kissed me back passionately, licking around my lips to get her own juices. I could smell my own dirty cunt on her breath where she had been sucking on my filthy panties, unlike her fresh squirt it smelt stale and nasty.

As we kissed I felt her hand moving between my thighs, I knew my cunt was a soaking wet creamy mess by now. She ran her fingers over my soaking wet pussy lips, gathering some of my juices, then popped them into her mouth, sucking them clean. “I’m sorry, my pussy is really dirty,” I whispered as a halfhearted apology, she certainly didn’t seem to mind though.

Then came the perfect response: “It’s fucking filthy, but I love it.”

I was blown away, I was so lucky to find someone else who truly enjoyed a dirty unwashed pussy. I decided to test just how much she liked it, and said to her, “go on then, eat my nasty smelly cunt.”

I lay down and spread my legs, by this time we were both covered in sweat and the hot stuffy tent absolutely stank of body odour and pussy juices. She eagerly mounted me in a 69 position, and without hesitation she started to greedily lick my filthy pussy. I moaned loudly as I felt her warm wet tounge sliding up and down over my messy sticky lips. I knew I wouldn’t last long, I was so fucking turned on by everything that had happened so far. I looked up between her thick chubby thighs, and got my first chance to look at her pussy in detail.

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