Lesbian at Festival – Session 01 – Festival with Friends

As it’s festival season I can’t help but be jealous of all the people off having fun right now. I used to go to Download festival, I was lucky though and the times when I went it was lovely weather, not like the monsoon it seems to usually be nowadays.

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Festivals are brilliant for my unwashed fetish, as it’s days on end of no washing, getting hot and sweaty in crowds, and just generally letting yourself go. I thought I’d share with you all one of my favourite festival experiences:

It was 2006 and I’d gone with my friends to Download festival. There were 5 of us, 3 guys and 2 girls (the other girl was dating one of the guys, and the other two guys really weren’t my type, so there wasn’t much going to happen for me within my group). We got there on the Wednesday, because although the band’s don’t start until Friday one of the best parts of festivals is the camping, so we wanted to make the most of it. We got our tents set up, and started the way we meant to carry on, with plenty of drink and drugs (just a bit of weed, I wasn’t into anything harder)

Festivals have such an amazing atmosphere, everyone is so happy and friendly, the sun was shining and we were just hanging out, having fun and getting to know the people around us. We got chatting to a small group of 3 who had come together, there was a couple whose names I can’t remember, and their friend Vicki.

Vicki was a typical metaller with a bit of goth thrown in. Big clunky boots, denim skirt and fishnets, and a band t-shirt (Halestorm, which was cool as they’re one of my favourite bands) She was quite a chubby girl, and she had an amazing pair of boobs, definitely at least an E-cup (I’m a major boob girl, I’m so jealous as I’d love a huge pair myself, lol) We immediately clicked, and for the next few days we all hung out together.

I remember one evening in particular, we were discussing the lack of hygiene at festivals. They do provide showers, but I imagine they’re very basic rubbish ones, as you’d expect I’ve never used them so I wouldn’t know. Vicki then said something that really piqued my interest, “Maybe that’s the reason everyone’s always fucking at festivals, the natural pheromones bringing out people’s animal sides.” Everyone laughed at that, and it may be my imagination but I swear she shot me a bit of a knowing look.

That night in my tent I was so horny. I lay in my sleeping bag completely nude, as it was still really warm. I bought my panties up to my face and inhaled deeply, I’d been wearing the same pair since a couple of days before I even got there so they were nice and fragrant. Most people when they go to a festival will have a thorough bath of shower before going, as they know there won’t be any proper facilities there. I however love the natural filth, so I’ll go a few days before without washing, to get a headstart on everyone else, lol.

As I breathed in my pussy aroma, I ran my hand down over my natural pubic hair, and ran my fingers over my pussy lips. My dirty little cunt was already soaking wet as I dipped my fingers inside, pulling them out they were slick with my creamy pussy grool. I bought them to my mouth and sucked the juices off, savouring the flavour as I continued to breathe through my filthy panties. I slid three fingers easily inside my soaking wet cunt, and began to fuck myself with them.

My pussy was so wet I could hear the squelching noise as I flexed my fingers inside, and I’m sure anyone outside of my tent would have been able to hear it too, but I didn’t care. As I breathed heavily into my nasty panties and licked the soaked through crotch, the heat of my breath intensified the stink they were giving off. It didn’t take long before I came hard all over my fingers, I scooped up my juices and greedily licked them up. I gathered up more of my warm creamy juices, and rubbed them into my lips, then stated to smear them all around my mouth. Once I had coated my face in my smelly cunt juices I put my panties back on, and settled down to sleep, all the while thinking about Vicki.

The next day we were all hanging out as usual. It was the Friday so the bands had started, but there weren’t a lot playing that day I was interested in. Vicki and her friends had bought camping chairs with them so they were sat on them, while I was sitting on a crate of beers on the floor Infront of Vicki. I had her legs either side of me, with my arms draped over her thighs, using her like an armchair.

I was absentmindedly stroking her legs (she was still wearing the boots/skirt/fishnets combo) and she started to play with my hair. I was in absolute heaven, I love when someone plays with my hair, it’s a major turn on for me. I looked up at her and smiled, as I bent my head back it pressed into her boobs, and she smiled back at me. I tried to act natural, chatting with our friends but I was so distracted. She ran her fingers slowly through my hair, then her fingertips lightly brushed over the back of my neck and shoulders,

which was turning me on so fucking much. When she stroked my neck I involuntarily gave her legs a squeeze, and I felt her laugh a little under her breath, then carry on stroking me. She knew how much she was teasing me, and judging by her breathing she was enjoying it too, I could feel her breasts rising and falling against the back of my head.

“Sorry hun, can I just get up for a sec, I need to get something from my tent,” she said. As she got up and climbed into her tent I watched her go, admiring her chubby arse as she bent to get in. She emerged a few seconds later with her phone, and sat back down on her chair behind me. I started stroking her legs again, and immediately noticed she’d removed her fishnets. I looked back at her and she flashed me a sexy smile,

then she leaned forwards saying she wanted to show me something on her phone. Her boobs pressed softly against the back of my head, and as she shuffled forwards her pussy pressed against my back. Even through my t-shirt I could feel the heat it was giving off, especially as she was gently grinding it against me. I looked at her phone and she had the text message window open, she’d written a short message on it:

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