Just Happened – Session 06 End – Happy Ending

I looked up and saw that her bikini top had ripped and her breasts were totally free. As she struggled out of the costume I watched mesmerized as her huge breasts would swing back and forth like a metronome. It was the first time I had ever seen her totally naked and I could not stop myself from looking.

Just Happen – Session 05 – Memorable Day with Sister

Just Happened – Session 04 – A Hot Session with Sister

She was covered in sweat and cum like me, her face was flushed with wet sweaty hair hanging in her face and her nipples were as hard as erasers. She freed herself at last and rolled on the floor next to me.

We sat looking at each other for several minutes. The more I looked at her covered in sweat and cum, the more excited I became. The blood flooded back to my cock in such a rush that it almost hurt as it sprang up on its own. With no idea what to say or do I could only look at the glow on her face to tell she had enjoyed it as much as me.

After a while we both caught our breath then she leaned over me and kissed me. It was no sister kiss, it was a kiss of a woman that wanted to be fucked. She crawled up on me with her tongue in my throat and started rubbing her huge breasts against my chest. No longer being hindered by the costume she reached back and guided me into her dripping pussy and started riding me.

She started moaning as I tried to match her down thrust with my own upward thrust. She started kissing my face and biting my neck. She grabbed my hair and thrust her tits into my face.

“Suck my nipples hard. Sink your teeth into my nipple. Please,” she begged.

For years I had been dreaming of seeing her huge tits. I feasted on them like it was my last meal. I sucked her nipple as hard as I could as she moaned even louder.

“Don’t play with me, bite them!” she yelled.

I sunk my teeth into her hard nipple and she exploded. She dropped on my cock with a hard thrust and I felt the clamp-like feeling of her pussy gripping me. Wave after wave of shakes ran through her body as her orgasm built to a climax. Even as I watched her orgasm wash over her, I was amazed at her complete loss of control.

Just as I thought her orgasm was slowing down, I saw her reach down, grabbing her own breast in her hand and pulled it up and start sucking it. This only caused her to start a whole new wave of shaking. Then she opened her mouth and bit harder than I could believe on her own nipple as she exploded.

I have always though that the hottest thing a woman could do was suck and bite her own breasts and it was more than I could take. I let out a grunt and came in her. This time there was no forced position. I exploded with total abandonment deep in her pussy. She rolled off me and we lay next to each other with a mixture of satisfaction and guilt.

I guess we both were a bit embarrassed at what had just happened and started getting dressed. We were both totally silent and looked like we had just run a 100Km race. But there was no way to hide the glow of satisfaction on our faces. Donna got up off the floor, grabbed a towel and started wiping her face and body off. My eyes were glued to her, watching her transform from a wild sexual animal to a presentable host. She brushed her long beautiful hair and slipped her dress over her head. I was so stunned from the night events that it took me several seconds before I realized that she had not bother to put her bra or panties on. She headed for the door and turned to look at me.

“Look, lets not let this mess things up for us, ok? It was an accident and will never happen again,” the look on her face said she was torn between appreciating the great sex and her shame as the full extent of the situation settled on her.

“Right, it never happened. We will never mention it again,” I told her with my legs still shaking. Even as I said the words, I was not really sure I meant what I had just said. She closed the door behind her and went out to talk to her guests. I lay on the floor for 20 minutes before I managed to get up and get dressed.

The party was over about at about 3 am and I crashed on the couch. I woke the next morning and my head was spinning, still thinking about what happened. I could not believe it. I knew it was an accident but the feeling was so unreal. It was the best sex I had ever had in my life and it was with my sister.

“Stop it,” I told myself over and over, “I can not think about having sex with my sister. It was wrong and it was an accident.”

I heard my sister come into the room. She sat beside me and looked as hung over as I did. Her hair was all over the place and she had on a robe that was just barely tied. I was pretty sure she was naked under the robe but tried to push those thoughts away. Things had already gotten far enough out of hand.

“I know we said we would not talk about it but I have to get this off my chest. That was the best sex I ever had in my life,” she said in a low voice, “I know it was wrong and this will be the end of it, but you need to know that I have never felt anything like that before. To be honest with you, and myself, I want you to know that I am glad it happened. I have thought about having sex with you for as long as I can remember. I guess that was why I teased you so much when we were kids.”
I just sat there, stunned at her confession. She had thought about having sex with me?

“Please don’t hate me for being honest with you,” she said and started crying, holding her head in her hands.

I smiled and put my hand on her cheek.

“To be totally honest with you I can’t stop thinking about it even now,” I said with a little smile.

I gave her a hug, hoping it would help reassure her that she wasn’t alone with those feelings. Even as I held her I could not stop looking down her robe as it fell open. That same old rush started returning and had to force myself to stay under control. It took all the will-power I had to just hug her till she was not crying anymore. She kissed me on the cheek and went back to her room to change and take a shower. I took a shower after she had gotten out and washed the smell of sex off me.

We both chatted as we ate breakfast just like nothing had really changed. I still had one hell of a hangover, so I grabbed some aspirin before I left. When my wife came home she wanted to know all about the party. I told her I got a little too drunk and still felt really ill. She laughed and told me that it was what I deserved for drinking too much and having such a good time without her.

“You better get your rest. Tonight you get your reward for being such a good husband,” she smiled and gave her ass a shake. That night we made love like we had not done in months. It was hot, wild and we were both exhausted when we were done.

“I guess you really missed me at that party, huh?” she laughed as we lay next to each other, out of breath.

Two months later my sister called and told me she was thinking about having another costume party. She paused.

” I got my costume fixed and was wondering if you wanted to share it with me,” my heart stopped for a good 30 seconds while I realized what she was saying. There was no question that part of me wanted to go… but would I?

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