Suprise Gift – Session 04 End – A Cuckold American Stories

David smirks as he continues his pounding.

Lenora then sees me watching them in the corner. Her eyes widen and she gets embarrassed at first but that fuck me sparkle returns to her eyes as David continues to pound her. Lenora looks right through me as she continues to come.

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She wraps her arms around David’s neck tighter in an almost defiant gesture to me. I am mesmerized by the pounding she is getting!

David drops Lenora back down onto the bed, raises her legs onto his shoulders, and continues to pound her dripping pussy! He is a machine. With each thrust her black stocking feet dangle violently. She is whimpering uncontrollably.

David’s tongue is darting into her mouth, and to each one of her long-swollen nipples, teasing her. He is sucking and nibbling on each one alternately and she is moaning at each bite!

She wants his tongue in her mouth. When he kisses her, she sucks on his tongue, not wanting to release him. It’s as if she knows seeing me watching her fuck a black stranger is turning me on. And she’s humiliating me more and it’s making me hotter!

He pulls his black cock out of her swollen dripping pussy and flips her over to enter her from behind. She is now facing me on all fours! She looks at me in the corner, her face glistening with sweat, her eyes wide with fear and surrender.

She says to me, “Oh Ed, it’s so big. It’s so much bigger than yours. He fucks me so much better than you. It feels so so good! I can’t stop coming! I don’t want it to stop!”

Lenora is out of her mind with pleasure. Her tight pussy never experienced this type of size and girth! Her first black bull! She’s now anticipating the reentry of David’s big black cock by lifting her ass up to him! David now notices me standing in the corner.

David grabs Lenora’s hips and leers and smirks at me. He rubs the head of his cock up and her slit and forces his 10 inches back into Lenora’s tight cunt! Lenora grunts loudly. David shouts, “You love my black cock don’t you Lenora? David looks at me now and says “you like a nigger bull fucking the shit out of your wife don’t you Ed? This here is my pussy now and I’ll take it anytime I want!”

David demands Lenora say it out loud! As she moans after each of David’s thrusts, Lenora slurs out, “I love your black cock… I love your big black cock. My pussy is yours anytime you want it.”

Lenora’s moaning and her words are making me cock so hard in my pants! I can’t stand it any longer and loosen my belt and drop my pants and underwear. I’m standing in the corner with my cock in my hand.

Lenora giggled as she watched me. She wasn’t prepared for David’s next move though. While pounding her doggy style, David grabs a tube of KY jelly that was on the night stand.

In one swift move, he grabbed the lubricant, doused his throbbing member with it, and began to enter her anally!

We had discussed anal sex before and she was receptive to it, but we had not done it yet. Once she felt it starting to go in, she began to protest, “No, no, no, no, please, no. It’s too big! I never did this before…”

But it was too late. The head of David’s black cock was already making its way into Lenora’s asshole. Her expression turned from initial terror to subservience. As David slowly stretched her ass with his cock, her expression changed back to one of pleasure. She grunted, squealed, and mumbled and slurred things I couldn’t make out! She was delirious with pleasure! At each violent thrust of his black cock into her ass, he was rubbing her clit furiously! Lenora was experiencing both pain and pleasure simultaneously. This was evidenced by her pussy’s continuous squirting!!

As David’s huge black cock was getting ready to explode, he again spun his new brunette slave around once more. He grabbed the back of Lenora’s head and thrust his cock into her mouth! Lenora opened her mouth and slid her lips over the bulbous head. It was so big!

She gagged as David jammed it her mouth. Then she started to lick and slurp it like an ice pop, sliding her tongue up and down the long shaft all while staring up at David wanting his approval.

I never saw anything like it! David started to grunt and suddenly pulled back. Still holding the back of Lenora’s head with his left hand he made sure the head of his cock was in Lenora’s mouth. He looked at me wanting to make sure I was watching too.

David exploded with what seemed like a quart of his hot cum into Lenora’s mouth! Her eyes widened larger and larger with each thrust of David’s hips.

I thought this Lenora’s first time swallowing a load but by the way it looked, I was wrong.

Lenora then grabbed hold of David’s still pulsing cock and licked and cleaned the head, shaft and his great big black balls. She peered up at him with puppy eyes and said, “I like this unfinished business of yours”.

She then hopped off the bed, her tits bouncing up and down, and came over to me. Lenora looked at my hard cock and giggled. But this night changed her. She dropped to her knees, grabbed my cock and started sucking it. About twenty seconds later I came in her mouth and she swallowed it all, all the while staring up at me!

This is the start of our new adventure together! And she’s still the boss!


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