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David finally removes his hand, stares at Lenora, and licks his fingers. Lenora is shaken by what just happened and her pussy is still dripping,

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and she has a confused look on her face. She is quite drunk at this point. I am still in the shadows watching this all, kind of frozen with anger, fear, and excitement!

David tells Lenora he is in room three eleven in the hotel. He bends over and says to her “I expect to see you later on in my room. I have some unfinished business to take care of with you. You need to be fucked by a real man with a real cock. A black cock”, and he laughs heartily. I am farther enough away but I still hear him. As David stands up and is about to leave, a huge bulge is down the side of his left leg.

Lenora cannot help but see the size of it as it is right in front of her. She blushes from the sight of it but still looks up at him with curious eyes. Still drunk, she slurs out, “no fucking way, you’re crazy”. She is still pretty pissed about what just happened but seems even more curious now. David leaves the table.

The wedding is ending now and I go back to the table. Lenora is somewhat functional now but still completely drunk and still drinking that blue shit! We argue about the shape she’s in and she tells me to go fuck myself. She tells me to leave her alone and go home. She says she will either take a taxi home or get a room in the hotel. I’m completely pissed now and I storm off.

Lenora stumbles to the lobby, looks around, sees the hotel rooms are just down the hall and realizes she is not far from David’s room. Lenora is one of those people who need to have the last word or tell someone off.

She stops in the lady’s room to remove her soaked panties. I come walking back into the lobby to find her and to apologize but I see her emerge from the bathroom, and I see her stumbling and heading toward the hallway to the hotel rooms. Instead of yelling out to her, I’m curious where she’s going so I follow her.

As she approaches room three eleven, Lenora notices that the door is open. Still curious, very intoxicated and reeling from her orgasmic waterfall earlier, she reluctantly goes in. Lenora walks into the room slowly and walks past the bathroom.
David doesn’t seem to be there. Suddenly David emerges from the bathroom, naked. His muscular build is wet as he must’ve just finished showering.

As he stood there, muscled and hairless, his large thick black cock hung and bounced as he walked.
Lenora turned back and was startled as she saw him. As drunk as she was, Lenora gasped as she saw David’s massive cock. She just stared glassy eyed at it, unable to speak. David said “Oh hi Lenora! I expected you to stop by. I know you came by to suck my black cock so get to it” and he grabbed the hair in the back of her head and led her face down to his throbbing member.

With her eyes staring up at David’s face, she tried to turn her face away but with a little tug on by David, she opened her mouth wide and began to suck his black cock!

As Lenora sucked his cock David began moaning and said “thatta girl Lenora. Suck that cock”.

It was huge. Lenora never had a black man or a long and thick cock like this!

Lenora is still in her black dress and black stockings. Her dress is hanging loosely now, exposing her black bra and cleavage as the clasp holding it around her neck had broken when David grabbed her.

David says “my turn” and pulls Lenora away from his cock, lifts her up to her feet and pulls up her dress. He immediately sees that her panties are gone and her shaven pussy is staring at him. He quickly gets her dress and black bra off and, except for her black stockings, Lenora is naked. Her full breasts bounce up and down amplifying her erect nipples.
David pushes Lenora back onto the bed. She’s still somewhat protesting David’s aggression so to keep her from waving her arms or trying to fight him off again,

David holds both of her wrists down on the bed. He proceeds to bury his head into her mound and to stick his long tongue into Lenora’s slit. He says “It’s that time Lenora“!
She is moaning and whimpering now and shaking her head from side to side uncontrollably her dark brown hair flying wildly! She stops any resistance and spreads her legs wider for David. He continues to lick and slurp her dripping pussy, paying particular attention to her inch long swollen clit.

Lenora has never orgasmed liked this before! Squirting and shuddering and moaning uncontrollably.
Despite her earlier arrogance toward David her pussy belongs to him now, cemented by her squeals and total unyielding submission to his black cock!
David flips her over and begins to eat and lick her from behind, making sure that both her dripping pussy and creamy ass are equally slurped and pleasured. Lenora is moaning loudly now.

David’s cock is enlarged to its full 10 inches as he grabs Lenora as if she’s a brown-haired rag doll and turns her around once more. Lenora is facing him now, lying on her right side, disheveled and disoriented. He pushes her head toward his swollen black cock.
Without hesitation this time she proceeds to suck, kiss, and lick David’s black cock and balls like it was a large chocolate ice cream cone! She begins to moan as her tongue slides up and down the shaft.
With the door to David’s room still ajar, I silently walk in and immediately hear squealing and moaning. Except for one bedside lamp, the room is dark. I stand in the shadow watching Lenora – and all her actions. I’m enthralled at what I’m witnessing. I’m initially frozen with anger, but that anger quickly subsides as I see how much my wife Lenora has become a black cock slut! I immediately get aroused. My mind is exploding with ideas for my new slut wife in the future!

David then lifts Lenora up and slowly impales her on his fully erect black cock! Lenora grunts as she lands on David’s member. I can see her eyes widen and her mouth open wide in pleasure as she’s lowered down his shaft. She wraps her arms around David’s neck as her pounding continues.
As David quickly moves her up and down his cock Lenora begins writhing and squealing uncontrollably! Lenora is coming all over his 10 inch shaft, her white foam dripping down the length as she holds on to David for dear life!

She is shaking her dark brown hair from side to side, and in rhythm with each of David’s thrusts, bellowing out incoherent words at first. Then I hear her say “Fuck me! Give me your cock! Please don’t stop. Fuck me David! FUCK ME!”

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