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When I asked her what was going on she got mad at me and said, “Nothing. Don’t worry about it. Go get yourself a drink”! When this all started she seemed annoyed and disgusted by David’s sexual comments.

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She also seemed curious and, I guess flattered. As Lenora continues drinking and getting drunker, I get annoyed with her and go off to the bar to get a drink.

As they both continue drinking heavily, David, sitting on Lenora’s right, continues to whisper sexually explicit things to her. He says “Have you ever had a black man before? Have you ever even seen a black man’s cock? I think you will soon and afterwards, I know you’re gonna beg me to fuck you with mine”. She would blush, then giggle and roll her eyes at him as she would try to move her chair away. She couldn’t move her chair though because there wasn’t any room.

David finally sat down. He began staring at Lenora, but she was trying not to look at him. At this time she was really drunk. With his left arm on the back of her chair holding it in place, he slowly begins to slide his right hand under her dress. Lenora, startled, immediately tries to push his hand away as subtly as she can without making anyone aware of what’s going on. But David is too strong. She can’t budge it!

Even with both of her hands on his wrist trying to stop him, David begins rubbing her pussy through her black panties. Lenora, not too embarrass herself or make a scene, continues to silently try to stop him but he is too strong and his hand is huge. The other guests at the table are all having a good time and oblivious to this and unaware that any of this is going on. She lets out a whimper and begins to panic as she feels herself getting aroused. David is staring at her and smiling.

Lenora gasps at the feel of his huge warm hand. She is petrified as she knows she can’t stop this huge black stranger from doing what he wants with her right now. She looks for me but can’t see me. Despite her fear and reluctance, she is getting excited and David knows it! Her pussy is getting wet and her nipples immediately react to the presence of David’s hand and become hard and protrude noticeably through her dress.

Because Lenora is not crying out David leans closer to her. His left cheek is now touching hers and he slides his long tongue down her cheek. As he does this he slides his hand under her panties now and forces his huge fingers deep into Lenora’s wet pussy. He says “Lenora you and I are gonna have a great evening!”

He proceeds to finger her clit slowly but intensely with his strong fingers. Lenora is still trying to push his hand away to no avail! She tries but she cannot move it. It won’t budge! She’s beginning to lose control.

David’s hand is exciting her like never before. Lenora is trembling and dripping her juices all over his huge fingers. She is trying not to look at David and is looking at the dance floor. Her head is shaking slowly back and forth and her eyes are tearing and she is gasping. She is doing everything she can to not cry out! She stopped trying to push David’s hand away and now has both of her hands on the table. Her red painted fingernails are tearing at the tablecloth for support! She can hear herself moaning. Her panties are drenched with her warm juices. Her stockings are wet and her fluids are running down the inside of her thighs. There is a puddle forming on her seat!

As David’s huge fingers furiously work her now swollen clit, Lenora shakily turns to David and stares at him. With final surrender in her eyes and a sad pout on her lips, she slowly begins to open her legs wider allowing this monster’s huge hand deeper penetration. With a smile he looks back at her and says “That’s right Lenora. This is my pussy tonight. Ain’t nobody messin’ this up. I know you like it. This is just the beginning”! Lenora’s moaning is muffled as she tries to keep anyone from hearing her. Lenora is now pushing back her clit on David’s huge fingers. Her eyes are wide and glassy and she puts her left hand over her mouth to quiet her squeals and is desperately trying not to scream out in pleasure!

I’m on my way back to the table but I notice what’s going on. I see Lenora’s face. Instead of making a scene, I just stay in the shadows and continue to watch and sip my scotch. It’s a dark area and no one notices anything. They’re too involved in the wedding.

David is very close to Lenora. I can see Lenora staring at David, her head quivering back and forth. She is holding her hand over her mouth. I can’t tell why but she doesn’t look like she wants to stop. I try and get a little closer so I can see better but not too close to have Lenora see me. I am on the left side and I see David’s hand going to work on my wife’s pussy! What the fuck?

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