Surprise Gift – Session 01 – Adult Stories

It’s Saturday July 24. We are attending a friend’s daughter’s wedding at a local hotel and catering hall. Lenora is a mature brunette, about 5’ 2”, with an average build and shoulder length dark brown hair.

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She is dressed in an all-black knee-high dress with black stockings and black open toe heels. She has always been the boss in the relationship. I’m just an average guy. Our sex life was average and needed a spark. I began getting some ideas about swinging and even cuckolding but never had the nerve to bring it up to Lenora.

The wedding is the usual thing. It’s a boisterous party atmosphere in a large darkened hall. People are dancing, drinking, and partying as expected and having a great time. We are seated at a table with similar aged couples, with the exception of a single black male guest. We don’t know any of the people at our table, which is rare, but not an issue. We always make the best of it.

We are at table number eleven. It’s a long rectangular table located in the far back of the hall, where it is even darker and secluded. We are seated in the row that backs up to the rear wall, with a view of the dance floor and the entire room. Everyone at the table seems to like this location as all are mostly standing and partying heartily. The black gentleman is at the end of the back row, our row, in the last seat with no one on his right.

As we file in to our seats from the left side, Lenora goes in first and takes the seat next to the black gentleman, on his left. We introduce ourselves to everyone at the table. The black gentleman introduces himself. His name is David. David is a muscular guy, at least 6 feet 5 inches tall, dressed in a dark gray suit. His head is totally shaved, he has no facial hair, and he is drinking vodka on the rocks. His muscularity is noticeable as you can see his muscles straining through his clothes. He also likes to stand at his seat, which seemed to annoy Lenora as there was less room when he did. I think he liked annoying her because when he did it, he would look at her and she would roll her eyes. He would slyly smile when she did. The party ensues. Both Lenora and David are drinking heavily.

Lenora and I don’t get out much so we use these engagements to have a good time and we usually drink too much. There are pitchers of drinks on each table. Screwdrivers, Rum and Coke, Cosmopolitans, and some blue drink that I had no idea what it was. Everyone seemed to like that one because it didn’t taste like it had alcohol in it. Especially Lenora!

The guests are all having a great time, dancing and partying and Lenora is drinking that blue drink like it was water! She is quickly getting intoxicated.

David seemed to be having a great time. He was on the dance floor dancing with some of the young girls. I caught Lenora watching him dance as she drank. We even danced while David was on the floor and I caught her glancing his way. Finally we all went back to the table.

Unbeknownst to me, David who himself was feeling the booze, sees the start of Lenora’s inebriation and begins working on her by making suggestive comments about her looks, her full lips, how she dances and how sexy she looks in her black dress. Even saying something about “taking care of business with her” or something along those lines. I can’t hear a lot of it because he is on the other side of her and the music is loud. He continued to stand and dance by his chair and would bend down at times to say something in her ear. He was standing very close to Lenora.

Despite her feeling good from the booze I can tell by Lenora’s expressions that something’s going on between them. He continues to dance and stand very close to Lenora. He keeps touching Lenora’s arm or rubbing his left leg against hers. David also keeps whispering things in Lenora’s right ear, which is on the opposite side of me.

She would make a face or shake her head while trying to move away from him but there wasn’t enough room. I heard her smirk and say to him, “no way you’re drunk” a couple of times.

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