High on Weed – Part 03 Ended – A cheat wife story

Luis put Nora’s legs on his shoulders and continued to pound her shaven pussy. Both guys were nearly a foot taller than her. Her juices were squirting all over the bed. She was muttering incoherently now.

Then he grabbed Nora under the arms and stood up. Nora’s arms fell to her sides as Luis wrapped his arms around her and stared into her eyes. You could see she was clearly stoned by her squinted eyes. She then pushed her tongue into his mouth so forcefully Luis’ head snapped back! Her eyes then widened with pleasure as Luis’s pounding got harder. He was fucking the shit out of her!

Nora’s legs were still on Luis’s shoulders. He relentlessly forced his nine inches deep into her dripping pussy. Her white foamy cum was spraying everywhere and lubricating his cock with every thrust. George saw an opportunity to rejoin the action and quickly came up from behind Nora still jerking his cock.

George licked the fingers of his left hand and began manipulating and widening Nora’s asshole. As he nudged and prodded first one, two, and then three fingers into her ass, Nora started squealing. He then positioned himself, and with his left hand on Nora’s left hip and his right hand around his cock, slowly shoved his cock in her ass. She moaned and whimpered with each of their thrusts. As they penetrated both her pussy and her ass, Nora shook her head from side to side violently. She was muttering something and it sounded like she was saying “No. No. Oh no” but it was low.

George brought his left hand up to Nora’s mouth and forced his fingers into her moaning lips. She sucked on them greedily as if they were lollipops. George giggled as he continued to pound her ass. Nora’s ass cheeks jiggled with each of his thrusts!

They moved toward the bed again and I moved to a different party of the room. I was in the corner now behind George and facing Luis. Both of them pulled out of Nora and Luis put her limp body on the bed. Luis turned her over so that now she was facing in my direction. She hadn’t noticed me and I’m sure that was due to her condition and her confusion.

I tried to stay far enough away to see but to also not be seen. This was partially because I was really high and drunk but felt embarrassed as well. As embarrassed as I felt, my cock was hard and I wanted the ‘Nora show’ to continue.

Luis was about to enter her from behind but before he did, he bent down to give her pussy a few extra licks. With each of his licks, she returned a loud moan. Luis then lifted his cock, pushed forward, and restarted his rhythmic symphony. The sound of his balls slapping against Nora’s ass returned!

Just then, in the midst of all this, Nora’s expression changed…her eyes widened and although she was still cumming all over Luis’ cock, her whole body began to blush! The personality change was beginning.

Even though her situation was changing to a more inhibited, embarrassed state, she was helpless at this point to do anything about it. Her moans seemed louder now with an air of submission and surrender to them.

Luis pulled out of Nora, grunted loudly and shot a huge wad of his cum onto her back, hitting the back of her head with some of his hot jism. Nora’s head fell forward onto the bed in exhaustion. At the same time George rushed over to her and cupped the back of Nora’s head with his left hand. He began lifting her head up and pushing her red lips towards his throbbing red cock.

In her current state she tried to protest but he pushed the head of his cock past her lips and into her hot mouth. She reluctantly began sucking his rock-hard member. Nora’s full red lips engulfed George’s cock, and after her initial reluctance, she sucked the head and shaft voraciously now! After only a few of Nora’s gulps George couldn’t hold back.

George had no intention of pulling out and instead brought his right hand up to brace against Nora’s head. She was trying to push away against George’s thighs, but doing that created more leverage for George. Nora’s eyes widened and pleaded as she knew what was about to happen, but the spasmodic movement of George’s thrusts showed it was already too late. With each thrust of George’s hips, Nora’s eyes widened as she swallowed more and more of his juice. Nora now held the back of George’s thighs ensuring that she gulped down every drop. George rubbed her head with both hands as he emptied his load down Nora’s throat.

A few minutes passed and, as if she just heard her alarm clock go off, Nora quickly jumped up and off the bed, grabbed her dress, panties and shoes and ran into the bathroom. Her whole body was blushing… Somehow, she hadn’t seen me the whole time I was there.

I walked out quickly and headed back down to the party. About fifteen minutes later Nora came into the party. It was nearly nine o’clock so the staff was starting to clean up. I was standing at the bar and Nora came over to me. She was still blushing and had cleaned herself up. The only thing that was different was that the gold chain that held her V neck dress together was gone.

I asked if she was ok and she said yes. I didn’t even ask where she was. I ordered her a Cosmopolitan and handed it to her. A few minutes later, Luis and George came down and walked over to the bar where we were. They acted like nothing had happened and I noticed that Nora was a little nervous and continued to blush.

Even though they were eyeing her up and down, she tried not to make eye contact with either of them but I could see her nipples getting hard through her dress. *Then she started to remember her evening…

The party was ending now and people were either saying their good byes or planning the rest of the night. As Nora went over to talk to her mother, I grabbed Luis and asked him if I could buy a nickel bag from him. He said sure, and as we stealthily transacted, while giving me my change, he also dropped Nora’s gold chain in my hand.

He then asked me “are you guys staying in the hotel tonight because we are going to keep hanging out in our room and partying?” I just smiled and nodded

Hope for better night with High on weed with Nora’s Me and Luis + George


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