Brutally Banged Bride – Part 09 End – white girl with Black Man

The policewoman nodded understandingly. “”You played with yourself? That could be bad in court, if the rapist says you were playing with yourself in order to cum again. Never, ever, admit to that if it comes out.”

“The entire time my husband was lying tied up beside us, and he was whimpering, crying actually. I think he knew I was cumming. Tell me officer Jones, do you ever get over the guilt?”

“You can call me Pamela when we’re alone. It’s a mixed feeling. Since I enjoyed it once we started, that black man against the wall, I know that it was wrong, but at the time it felt so right. We even,” she paused, “we even kissed one another. Not only before we came, but after as well.”

The bride nodded in agreement. “It felt right with my man too, once I had kissed him. I didn’t even know his name, the second guy, and yet he made me cum so good.”

Pamela giggled. “I guess we have something in common then. We both had a black lover and enjoyed it. Our little secret, you and I.” And then, shockingly but not surprisingly, Pamela leaned her head close to the bride, and they kissed. A tender kiss. A caring kiss. A kiss that might lead to more, later.

When the kiss ended, they both tried to act like the impulsive act had not occurred. “Pamela? Those men, the two or all four, any chance you might catch them?”

“I doubt it to be honest. There are black men roving all over South Africa and they speak so many different dialects that it is very hard to even question people about who they might have been. Best you just forget our finding them, though we will keep trying, and try to put your marriage in order.”

The policewoman removed her fingers from the bride’s tender pussy lips and dipped one finger into the cum seeping out of that pussy and with a quick but gentle move, inserted the finger into the bride’s anus.

“Oh! What are you doing? That feels….she paused, “good.”

“That’s what I thought. You like it. Here is what I propose in order for you to sort of make things well again between you and your husband. Invite him to fuck you in the ass. Tell him that although those men had you first bareback in the pussy, and you can’t take that back, you want to have him be the first and only into your rear.”

The policewoman was stroking her finger back and forth, working that tight anus and turning the bride on.

“Wow. Pamela. That sounds like a good idea, having my husband fuck me in…Oh my that’s good, where your finger is. Did you do that with your husband?”

“Wasn’t necessary since he never knew I fucked a big, black man, but I do have anal sex with him and there, at least, he still feels big enough.”

“Thank you. When my husband is willing to talk about..things, I’ll make him the offer. For sure, his little wrinkled penis will feel big to me there.”

“If your were cleaned up, I’d love to show you what I can do with this, and you.” Pamela was using her fingers to open that tight reddened snatch again.

“I guess you’ll have my number, and you know where I live, although I don’t know how long we’ll be staying on here now.”

Yes. We need to get together. I really feel attracted to you.”

“You too Pamela. I never thought, never dreamed I would feel this way towards another woman. I’m going to have to really think on this night, so much has happened.”

The policewoman released her fingers from holding the bride opened and reached for her rape kit. “We’ll get together, and soon. And now, we’d better get on with gathering the evidence. Those men are waiting out there.”

Back to the first person.

I was able to provide her with lots of ‘evidence.’

Later, wearing a robe, I told the police, policemen, describing to them all that had happened including how large the men had been, and leaving out the detailing of how I had enjoyed much of it and apparently, my husband, some of it.

Some damned reporter read the report and maybe he put two and two together, and he wrote a report for the local paper that did not exactly make me look like the total victim.

Fortunately, I had not told the police one hot little bit, not even the policewoman. I had never orgasmed with my husband, but those two men, the first almost, and the second, oh yes, twice.

Can you imagine? A black rapist made me cum and as I tell this, my husband still hasn’t. That damned reporter, he would have put that into his paper too, I’m sure.

So maybe I’ll move back to Britain as my husband wants. That’ll be alright with me, His folks live in S. Africa, and mine are in Britain. So, I’ll be close to family. My husband will be separated from his parents, but maybe he wants it that way, because there aren’t as many black men in Britain.

this story will be updated in tamil also…with the story plot of location Mahabhaliburam…A village blacked robbers stealing pussy of Foreign Visitor to Mahabhalipuram for Honeymoon….



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