Brutally Banged Bride – Part 08 – white girl with Black Man

“No. I started to sit and my husband said not to, so I just laid myself on this bed since there seemed to be so much cum coming out of me.”

“Yes. It looks like you have a lot left inside, and it’s running down your butt crack as well. Tell me, did either of them have or attempt anal sex with you?”

“No, thank goodness. I could never have handled that. Not even my husband has been there.”

“I see. It’s probably a good thing for sure, those two men being so big.” Then she raised her eyes to the bride while still holding her tugged open.

“Your inner lips look so red, like they really have been abused. Your husband said you are just married. So tell me. Were you a virgin, on your wedding night?”

“Yes. Just two nights ago.”

“And this is just between you and I. Your husband, is he anywhere near the size of those two men?”

The bride blushed, unwilling to admit it at first, then after a few seconds; “My husband is much smaller.”

“Wow. I’m so sorry you had to make that adjustment so soon into your marriage. Were you able to take them comfortably, those two black men with their large penises?”

“Not at first. ‘ She hesitated, then apparently becoming excited as she remembered, the bride became animated as she began talking faster. “The first man, it was like losing my virginity all over again. The second man was easier to take even though he was thicker. His rape went easier, and he stayed on me, in me, for a much longer time.

That might be why I am so red, he kept pumping into me for so long and many times. They both were so much larger than my husband. But I adapted.”

“Are you on the pill? I see a large quantity of semen in you.”

“No. No pills. And my husband was using a rubber, from the very first time.”

The policewoman sighed and shook her head. “”It’s probably a good thing then, your husband having used rubbers. Those two men are the only ones to have taken you bareback and shot their semen into you.”

Before the policewoman could go on, the bride interrupted. “Yes. I could really feel them cumming in me, probably because they weren’t using a rubber, and of course, they were so much larger and I was very much aware of the feeling.”

“Yes, a rubber does tend to cut down on the feeling. That way, the two of them fucking you while doing it skin-to-skin, if you end up pregnant, you’ll know it was one of the rapists and you can better decide whether to have an abortion of not.”

The policewoman looked into the bride’s eyes. “Your husband might not want to touch you for a while. That’s common in cases of the wife being raped like this, especially if he sees the rapist’s cock and it turns out to be bigger.

When your husband does want sex again, if it’s before your period is due, I suggest that you continue to use a rubber with your husband until you know for sure. He’ll probably want to do it bare skinned since he saw the two rapists doing that, but you need to stick to your guns.”

“I understand.” She shook her head. “Poor man, my husband, never having been inside me without a rubber. I was holding off until I got back to England and saw my regular doctor for a prescription.”

The policewoman again tugged the bride’s lips opened and looked inside. “Are you hurting? Inside maybe since they were so large?”

“No. No hurt. Not inside but my lips are pretty tender. They both were very thick and stretching me, but it was only uncomfortable for a little while.”

“How about length? Did either of them go too deep and maybe hit bottom on you and hurt you? Do you need for me to call an ambulance and have you checked out internally at the hospital?”

“I don’t think so. No, no ambulance, and no hospital. I’ll be alright. They were long, yes, but I was mainly aware of how much I was being stretched.”

“I see.” She used both sets of fingers to stretch those still red lips opened further. “You’re O.K. Internally then. But how about here. Are you tender out here?”

As the policewoman was tugging the victim’s lips opened, in the process she was tugging downward on the victim’s clitoris and stimulating her.

“Yes. They did stretch me quite a bit, especially the second man.”

“I see,” said the policewoman as she continued to spread the little blonde open and look inside. “Good thing the largest man came second then.”

She looked down into the bride’s eyes. “Did you enjoy it, any of it?”

The bride in turn, was again feeling arousal as she looked up into the policewoman’s eyes. “If I did, is that so wrong? I couldn’t help what my body was telling me.”

The policewoman nodded understandingly. “I know. Sometimes getting a big cock, one larger than you have been getting at home can be very enjoyable. Your body has a mind of its own sometimes.”

The bride blushed, her face actually turning a bit red. “Yes. But please don’t say anything to anyone. I don’t want it known.”

“So you orgasmed with those two men? If you did, you’ll need to keep it to yourself because we don’t want testimony like that being used against you in court. If it comes out that you were cumming, the men can claim the sex was consensual.”

The bride sniffed, while being very aware that the policewoman was still holding her vagina opened a ways with her fingers and creating a desire for more. “I’ll keep it to myself. To be truthful though, I only orgasmed with the second man.”

“Not the first one?”

“No, there wasn’t time.”

“You wanted to though, by then. Am I right?”

“Yes. But please don’t let it be known.”

The policewoman shares her secret fuck.

“Don’t worry. I understand.” Wanting to further establish rapport with the young victim, the policewoman confided in her. “I too was raped once, sort of. By a black man. I was a bit drunk and he was pushy, but once he got it in, his cock, I enjoyed him.”

“You enjoyed him?”

“Yes. We were doing it standing up, against a wall. Even standing he was long enough to get way inside of me and I actually came with him. Really hard I came.”

The bride stared at the policewoman’s hands. “I see your rings. Were you were married when that black man got you?”

“Yes. Yes I was and am still married.” She giggled. “I didn’t know him, but he knew my husband, that black man. When that man was fucking me, my husband was right behind that wall, in another room talking and drinking with his buddies.”

The bride giggled softly. “I think I know the feeling. That probably was very exciting for you, all that danger of being caught and being fucked by a stranger with your husband so close. Did you cum better than with your husband?”

The policewoman nodded. “Yes, and that’s my secret. I climaxed twice with him even though it was a quickie. The second time I came, it was right in the middle of his cumming, and I joined right in.”

“Did he have a really large penis, a thick one, like my two men?”

“You better believe it! I never really had a look at it since it was dark where we were fucking, but I sure could feel it. His cock was nice, really long, too long perhaps but we were standing. I mainly enjoyed his thickness, but a cock like that,” she shook her head, “ I wouldn’t want it as a steady diet. Just once in awhile, on the side for variety.”

She looked at the bride. “And you? You said you came with the second rapist?.”

The bride blushed. She did not want it the whole truth known, so she told part of it. “Yes better, with the second man. Like I said, I didn’t cum with the first one.” She sighed. “Almost, but there wasn’t quite enough time.”

The policewoman nodded. “It’ll be our secret. So now you don’t have to worry. I understand how you must feel, the guilt.”

“I really do feel guilty because it was so obvious I was enjoying my rape, because after I had reached orgasm with the second man, he was about to get off and I started playing with myself. He seemed surprised but started pumping to accommodate me and I came again. And, I think my husband knew what I was doing.”

The policewoman nodded understandingly. “”You played with yourself? That could be bad in court, if the rapist says you were playing with yourself in order to cum again. Never, ever, admit to that if it comes out.”

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