Brutally Banged Bride – Part 07 – white girl with Black Man

Yes, they were gone. I then came back into the bedroom, wiped my cummy hand on the sheet and undid my husband’s hands, leaving his feet for him to do while pretending that I could not see the cum that had now ran down his thigh.

Without a word being said between us, I walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower to let the water warm up while I sat on the loo.

I heard him yell out, ‘You don’t want to shower. The police will need the evidence.”

I knew what ‘evidence’ he was talking about. Cum. The cum from two black men who had placed it deep within me. Cum that might have made me pregnant. If I turn out to be pregnant, there will be no doubt who has done it, and not my rubber wearing husband.

Did I say ‘no doubt?” I forgot. No doubt to be shared between my two black rapists.

“Do you really want to call the police,” I yelled out to my husband?

I didn’t really want anyone to know, me being just married and having a huge wedding, with gifts now gone probably, and the money. But my husband, maybe because of the gifts and the money, called the police. I guess he didn’t care about my dignity or privacy.

I didn’t know what to do with all that cum the rapists had left in me. My husband didn’t want me to drain it in the commode, or take a shower. So instead I went to the bed and laid down flat on my back. Now, if they want to see and get a sample of cum, I’m ready.

The Police Conduct Their Investigation.

Fortunately, since my husband had said ‘rape’ on the phone, a policewoman came along, and she had a rape kit. I heard my husband talking to them loudly outside the bedroom, and then in they came. Two of them, policeman and policewoman.

Because of me trying to keep the cum inside, I didn’t move. When they saw me lying naked on the bed, legs still opened, they both came right up beside the bed and stared for a moment as I stared back. Then the attractive policewoman immediately said to her partner, “You better wait outside. I need to do this and she might need to do some talking at first.”

The policeman kept staring at me lying naked and spread on the bed as he talked to his partner and delayed his leaving for as long as possible. “You want us to wait outside then while you interview her?”

“Yes. This might take a while. Gather your evidence, what the men stole and getting the husband’s version of the story.”

I must say, that policeman seemed in no hurry to turn and leave as he continued to stare at my naked form.

I think she knew we needed to talk first. Setting her case on the floor, she came over to the edge of the bed and sitting down, she took my hand in hers.

“Hi. I’m officer Pamela Jones. Are you O.K? With that sweaty body and your pussy all wet below, it looks like you’ve been through Hell and returned.”

I immediately liked this woman, sensing that she would be understanding. “I’m alright, I think. I’m still here in spirit. I’m not so sure about my body.”

“How many men were there? How many of them on you?”


“Only two? Your husband said there were four men.”

“Yes, and they all saw me and fondled my body, but only two actually fucked me. Maybe they felt they had to leave before they got caught, I don’t know.”

“Those two men, black I assume?”

“Yes. Very.”

“Were either of them big, between the legs?”

“Yes. Both. Very.”

“No surprise there.”

Now readers, going to the third person, here’s what was happening.

The policewoman, though married, was secretly attracted to certain women, and this woman, this lovely blonde, naked and still sweaty in front of her was very attractive to her, raw pussy and all. This part of the job, using her rape kit on some of the women, was one of the benefits of her job.

She reached out and felt the bride’s right breast with her fingers. Then she reached with both hands and cupped both the victim’s breasts. “Your body looks kind of red. Are you tender here? Sometimes these rapists squeeze breasts too hard.”

“No, I’m fine up there. They had my hands tied in front part of the time and my tied up arms were in the way.”

“You’re lucky then.” She looked down. “Spread your legs a bit more for me please.”

The policewoman reached out and tenderly used her fingers to open the bride’s inner lips on one side and look inside. “Looks pretty red inside, and I see you have all kinds of semen starting to run out.”

“All kinds? Yes, from two men. They both came in me.”

The policewoman looked up into the bride’s eyes. “Did you allow any of it to drain out before we got here?”

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