Brutally Banged Bride – Part 05 – white girl with Black Man

Fucking her to the best of his ability the boss did everything but eat his employee’s wife since he did not want to have his mouth go where that chocolate piece of meat had been.

Better to leave that for her pitiful husband.

Fucking joyfully, she orgasmed, yes, and quite easily on that seven inch white cock, but no squirts, which seemed to please her husband. But she told her husband that she probably was no longer squirting because the juice was all used up, though the orgasms were almost as good with his boss as with the black man.

Yes, she said that in front of both white men. Almost as good.

The black man, lucky he, not only was paid to fuck a redhead, a color of a pussy he had never seen, he also got to spend some time alone with her in that marriage bed, about four hours of time.

All the while the husband had to sit in the living room and think about what he had done. Finally, looking at his watch, he knew he had to get the black man out of his house before the neighbors awakened. He entered the bedroom without knocking, and was dismayed to see his wife lying naked arm in arm with her lover, and her hand was holding his dangling cock while they slept.

The husband and boss had brought him in from out of town, but he had insisted on being dropped off at a ‘friend’s house. Falling in with a new crowd, a few nights later during a home invasion he used the same cock on a blonde pussy.

Now back to our story.

I think that he knew he had to get me wet and ready first because when he dropped his pants I gasped at what I saw. It was huge looking to me, larger than my husband by far. I heard my husband whisper “No No not that” as the man crawled onto the bed and got between my legs.

I don’t know, it seemed like the man was more enjoying seeing my husband’s reaction then he was mine. He kept grinning and looking over at my husband as he aimed his cock into me without even looking at my pussy.

I think I must have let out a loud gasp or maybe groan as he went in. At first it was almost hurting, almost, and then he kept going and buried his cock, all the way as he laid down onto me but not all the way on top because my hands were tied and across my chest. .

His penis felt so different from my husband, so much more, and then it hit me as I remembered, this man is not wearing a rubber! For the first time I was being fucked without a rubber! And then he began raping me in our bed, right next to my husband.

I turned my head away and tried to think of other things but I couldn’t because the man was quite large and was raping me vigorously. The bed was shaking he was doing it so hard and I heard my husband starting to cry.

I wanted to reach out and console my husband but I couldn’t because my hands were still tied together in front of me. At the same time the rapist’s cock was starting to feel good, and again I wanted to reach out and this time wrap my arms around my rapist but I couldn’t so instead I raised my legs, way up and around his waist.

Yes, that was better. Better for him because he could better penetrate me, and better for me because not only was he doing a better job of penetrating me, but I felt now like I was more involved in what is happening.

My husband seeing my legs willingly go up might have been a clue that I was beginning to enjoy my rape but it couldn’t be helped.

I guess I was really being noisy because he was doing it so hard and deep and my husband thought I was enjoying being raped. The truth is, I was enjoying it and I sort of quit worrying about my husband, figuring I could just tell him I was pretending later.

As I began thinking of how good my climax with this man might be I felt the black man’s penis seem to get harder if that was possible and I felt him cumming in me, maybe creating a baby since my husband had always worn a rubber.

I was worried about being impregnated and at the same time sorry that I had not had time to cum. I think, I think that had I been mentally prepared for him in the beginning, for him and his big cock, I might have cum right off, but unfortunately, that had not been the case.

Still, I could feel him throbbing in me, so much more so than I had been feeling my husband when he came into a rubber, and I kept humping my hips up at him, trying to suck him in and yes, swallow his cum with my pussy.

He throbbed for a long time. When he finished he stayed on me, in me for a while longer like he was planning on doing it twice. He was moving his hips but I guess he used himself up the first time because he couldn’t get it hard again.

Even with his penis soft, it still like there was so much more in me than I had known over the past two days.

As my first rapist was getting off of me another man entered the room. I think he was the other man who had been fingering me earlier. They spoke to each other in an African language and laughed. I really don’t know if they were talking about me or my husband because at one point the man who had just finished raping me pointed at my husband’s penis and again they laughed.

I looked over where they had pointed and saw that my husband’s penis looked all small and shriveled up, probably from nervousness and I guess I can understand why the two men laughed at seeing it looking that way.

Also, I noticed that there was a shiny drop on the tip of my husband’s penis, like pre-fluid, and I felt bad because my husband had never been able to use his pre-fluid to make love to me since there had always been a rubber in the way.

My husband is circumcised and his little dripping cock head was sort of poking out above the end of his shriveled penis and they could see it looking so forlorn. My rapist had been uncircumcised and I am sure it would have felt different to me inside from my husband if they had been near the same size, but with the huge difference in size I couldn’t really know.

Then the second man pulled off his pants and started to get up on the mattress. I was looking toward the door as the first man was leaving and saying goodby with my eyes and I didn’t see my second rapist’s cock before he managed to get up between my legs.

My husband apparently saw it though because I heard him whisper. “No no, not again. He’ll kill her with that cock!”

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