Brutally Banged Bride – Part 04 – white girl with Black Man

Then she saw the camera in her husband’s employers hand. “You want photos,” she asked, looking accusingly at her husband?

“Yes baby. Later, when we’re alone and remembering, we can look at the photos and maybe getting it on.”

Reluctantly, it looked like, she shook her head in the positive.

The husband, using his boss’s interpretive skills, began giving direction on what he wanted to see. The boss, while ‘directing’ the black man to do it slow as he took photos, took it upon himself to encourage and talk to her as she tried to accept that ‘scary’ she called it cock into her vagina as her husband used his hands to tug her opened.

“Honey, he’s so big. Are you sure you want me to do this,” she asked pleadingly?

“Yes honey. I know you’ll end up liking it and I’ll have it to enjoy later on screen.”

“I guess…uuh oww that hurts some, I’ll try to do this for you.”

As she was speaking, her eyes met her husband’s boss’s eyes. ‘If I have to do this, it’s you I really wanted, you fool.’

That was what she was thinking, at first, just his boss. But then that hunk of chocolate began to do its work.

The boss, now having gone from interpreter to photographer, was getting every inch of the penetration on digital.

Then she really got into it and before long she was not only cumming with the black man, her first continuous orgasms, but for the first time, she was squirting.

Second thoughts for her husband.

The husband, upon seeing his wife squirting, something she had never done with him, and knowing his boss was seeing all this, tried to bring the fuck session to an early conclusion but his wife, no longer shy or reluctant, begged her husband to allow this to continue.

The native, though he could not understand English, caught on to what is happening and asked for more money.

The boss photographer, listened to the black man for a minute and laughing at how this was beginning to backfire on the husband, told the husband the black man wants more money if the fucking is to continue into the night.

‘Money? Pay? WTF?’

The cute little redheaded wife, upon hearing that her husband is paying for her to be serviced, immediately realized that she now knew something that might put her in charge.

Simulating being mad, she threatened to divorce her husband though she made no immediate attempt to ‘evict’ the black man from her widely stretched pussy.

Not only did she keep that black cock inside her, she slowly raised her legs, higher, still higher and finding that she could handle his length, wrapped her legs around his waist.

Then she wrapped both hands around his neck and pulled his head down as she kissed him. Her first kiss with a black man, and coming several minutes after first penetration.

She was leaving little doubt, hired or not, whether her husband likes it or not, this man is going to keep fucking her.

With the black man still pumping, slowly, an argument ensued between the wife and her husband, with the little wife steering the discussion in a direction she had thought out.

All the while, throughout the discussion, her hips were rising up to meet her newfound lover’s strokes.

When her husband agreed, in desperation to allow her to go on fucking the black man after the photos were done, she added that after the photo taking is finished she wanted to be alone, in her marriage bed, with her hired black lover.

Her husband had no choice but to agree as she smilingly agreed to drop her threats of getting a divorce. Then the husband had to open his wallet and produce some more bills for the black man so he would continue with his fucking.

She changed positions and mounted her now highly desired black cock. More photos were taken by the boss now turned photog, and then the husband asked his wife if they could stop now and ‘let my boss go home.’

His boss, however, was understandably not anxious to be leaving.

She pushed it, having the upper hand. She demanded, before he left, she wanted to let her husband’s boss fuck her, something to which her husband’s boss immediately agreed as the beautiful redhead bent down and opening his fly, started sucking his seven-inch cock.

All while still riding her black toy.

With that cock looking so beautiful compared to her husband’s much smaller organ, she told her husband’s boss to tell the black man to take a break and she would get back to him later.

Then she told her husband to get some more photos for her husband’s boss to keep.

‘My boss fuck my wife and also have photos to keep?’

Her husband tried to protest, but one look from his boss and the husband shut up.

With the hired man now seated on a couch and holding his dick upright while he watched and awaited his turn, she proceeded to duplicate all the action she had done with the black man, but now doing it with her husband’s boss.

Perhaps the most shocking, she made no effort to have her face be hidden in any of the photos.

The husband, upset but trying not to show it, took more photos. He had hired the black man to fuck his wife because he expected and wanted to see his wife being taken by BBC, but to have his boss fucking his wife while also using a dick that happens to be larger, not good, not good at all.

Perhaps the worst thing for her husband to have to see, his wife kissing his boss, and obviously enjoying it.

Her visibly annoyed husband got his photos, first of the the black cock stretching his wife and though he did not know it at the time, ruining her for her husband’s five inch cock, but he also took photos for his boss to keep of his boss’s cock in his lovely and now wet with sweat wife as she rode and was ridden by that seven inch cock.

In other words, his wife fucked his boss and her enjoyment of that cock was obvious. Very. She especially made it a point, using intense kissing to show her pleasure at having her husband’s employer knowing her intimately.

His employer, enjoying the shit out of this, also made it a point to show the cuckolded husband how much he was enjoying the little wife as he fondled and fucked her every which way including loose.

Running his fingers over her breasts, ass and face as he thoroughly worked her pussy, he even inserted a finger into her little pink anus, something that seemed to set her off even more.

All the while, he was doing what the husband had been having him do earlier. The boss was directing the husband to take photos as ‘I fuck your wife in this position, and as she does this, be sure to get some closeups of how my cock is stretching her lovely little snatch.

That’s it, now get some more as I get up on my knees over her so you can get better photos from under there.’

There was more. ‘Get a couple of photos of your wife’s face as I make her cum. There, now get that. Look at how red her face is. Now baby, suck my cock. Fuck what a great set of photos I’m going to have.’

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