Brutally Banged Bride – Part 03 – An inspiration from Newspaper

Her husband’s boss took it further. “I’ve heard that when an innocent wife has a strange and big cock for the first time, she has really intense orgasms, and if it’s with a black dude, it’s even more exciting for her.”

Now it was out, a big cock for a first time wife. The boss and the employee exchanged smiles, unseen to her.

The boss sort of gave her thigh a squeeze and added: “An innocent wife like you, for instance, would probably get quite a thrill from something like that.”

Though puzzled as to why her husband’s boss kept saying ‘black,’ she felt like her husband’s boss was challenging her to come back with something equally shocking, and she did, not knowing she was falling into a trap.

“Maybe a black man would…would feel good, but it will just have to go on being a fantasy, and probably more on your side than mine.”

The boss, using something she had previously said against her, said, “Didn’t you say that’s what women supposedly want?”

Feeling tipsy along with being aroused, she admitted: “Yes. Something like that.”

Though she was finding her husband’s boss to be inviting, she was mostly playing along, having no real intention of ever cheating, not with him and especially not with some big black dude.

To show her husband’s boss how much she loved her husband, the wife turned her head to her husband and kissed him. Keeping this going, her husband responded with fervor while secretly signaling with one hand for his boss to go outside.

“I’ll be back in a few minutes,” the boss said. “I have to go.”

Then, as her husband was making out with her on the couch while his boss, she thought, was using the toilet, the boss by pre-arrangement, had gone outside to bring in the waiting black man.

Her husband had her skirt up, and when she did not try to stop him, he went further. Soon he had her legs spread and was kissing her in order to keep her from looking around while he was rubbing her pussy on top of her panties.

She undoubtedly knew that she was being exposed, but what the heck, if her husband wants to see her fuck the boss, who not?

That was when her husband’s boss brought the black man in. Both men stood in front of the couch, rubbing their crotches and watching the action as her husband pulled her panties to one side and began fingering her.

The black man had been told, ‘we will try to get the woman to go along and fuck you. If she does, you get the full amount offered, if not, you might get to see some naked body as we try, and you will still be paid, but only half the amount.’

Of course he had agreed to the terms, and now he was staring wide-eyed at an incredibly beautiful white women being fingered by her husband.

When she finally broke the kiss and looked up, her husband kept fingering. She gasped as she saw a big black man standing just a few feet away and grinning broadly as he stared at her exposed pussy. Her face turned bright red at being so exposed, but she did not appear to be all that angry at what they had pulled.

Though she did use her hand to tug her husband’s finger out of and off her pussy, she did it slowly and as his hand came away, both men standing received a nice viewing of opened and shiny wet pussy.

Turned on and ready for her husband to take her to bed, and maybe just maybe have his boss come along, she realized now what they had been up to. It was then she decided, ‘All right dear husband, if this is what you want to see, I’ll show you and you might not like what you see!’

When she shrugged her shoulders and looking up at the two men standing said: “Show me,’ her husband’s boss spoke in the native’s language and grinning down at her, unzipped his pants.

Besides being innocent in life, she was still shy and a bit reluctant when she saw that cock exposed after the boss told him to pull it out and let her see it.

“You’ve got to be kidding!” And that was before he became erect. But after her husband had given her another drink, she again decided to make her husband regret his decision.

They did not treat it like seduction, instead, after she seeing that cock and protesting at first, they had her lie down.

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