Brutally Banged Bride – Part 02 – An inspiration from Real Incident

The hand holding the cock is her husband’s, and his boss is the man who took the photo. As a matter of fact, though the wife did not know it, her husband was paying the black man to fuck his lovely and innocent wife.

Because her husband was going out of town and into the countryside to find a black man who would never be running into his wife around town, the black man he chose probably would not speak English.

Because of the language barrier, the husband had also brought along a friend, his boss, to do some interpreting during the bartering.

“You know, don’t you,” the boss said, “that a black man might have a cock bigger than yours.”

“Yes, I know. That’s what I want to see, her with someone larger than…” he hesitated, not really wanting to admit it, then finished. “Larger than my maybe smaller than average cock.”

“Smaller than average? So how much do you have, just out of curiosity?”

“I guess, since you’ll be there, you’ll be seeing my cock so I might as well admit it, about five inches.”

“That’s all you have,” the boss asked, surprised to hear his employee admit to having a small cock?

The boss, laughing inside at hearing his employee admit to his small cock and always in charge, even now away from the workplace had insisted: ‘If I take the time to go out and help you find a black dick for your wife, I stay and watch.’

‘My boss actually see my wife, her naked and being fucked by someone else?’ The husband had almost changed his mind, then decided that since he had come this far…

The husband, wanting to be ‘in charge’ of something, then countered with, ‘If you get to see my wife, undressed and the rest, in that case you can take the photos for me.’

The boss, having seen his employee’s wife several times during social occasions and having the desire to see her naked, of course, agreed.

They drove out of town and to a smaller village a few miles away. This town had only blacks in it except for a couple of store owners.

The man they chose they saw on a corner. He looked young and was not that bad looking in the face. That was something the husband wanted to make sure of so that his wife would not be turned off to the man they choose. The bulge showing going down his leg had eliminated the need to have him display it in advance.

Unknown to the husband, his boss, speaking in the black man’s native dialect, was saying: “This white dude told me he’s got a small cock and wants to see you fuck his pretty white wife. So believe it or not he will not only let you fuck his wife but he’ll pay you to do it.”

Of course the native was more than willing.

The two men kept the hired black man waiting over an hour in the car while they worked on the unsuspecting wife. Being clever, the husband at times prior to this night had been dropping hints like maybe his wife could, for the first time see what another man is like.

Each time her husband had brought up the idea, he had been on and in her. To some degree, it had been working, but never had it worked to the point where she had agreed.

Though he didn’t say it right out, she thought maybe, now that her husband had invited his boss over, that this might be what he has been hinting at.

While doing some shuffling around, the two men had managed to get her into the middle of the couch with them on each side of her.

Though not really wanting to ‘soil her marriage,’ she went along with their being close, the both of them, while thinking she could control things. But the drinks they were feeding her snuck up on her.

To help in getting her aroused, the husband did not protest when his boss sometimes ‘accidentally’ touched her on the thigh. Though the husband had a desire to see his wife with a black man, no way did he want his boss fucking his wife.

But now, since it seemed to be getting his wife ‘in the mood’, he was allowing it. Finally, the boss placed his hand on her thigh, high up, and left it there.

While sitting on each side of her on the couch and noticing that she was slowly allowing her legs to open a bit and spreading her skirt as she became more relaxed, the husband and his boss kept cracking jokes, and at first some were about white women being curious about black men.

They pretended to be joking and talking with each other while the wife just happened to be present, but actually everything was intended for her to hear.

They were being careful to always say ‘white women’ as well as ‘black men’ while not using profanity or vulgar language.

Then, in more detail, the jokes and stories were about how white women are having their curiosity being satisfied by black men.

Again, she played along, laughing at their remarks about black men and even casually saying that she ‘might enjoy something like that.’

She was half-hinting that she might go along with fucking the boss though she had not reached that decision. The husband gave his boss a look like: ‘Now it’s time.”

The boss, grinning as he stared directly at his employee’s wife for the first time, said, “Enjoy it, even if the black dude has a really big cock?”

His use of profanity for the first time surprised her, but again, she laughed and jokingly said, “Isn’t that what women are supposed to want?”

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