Brutally Banged Bride – Part 01 – An inspiration from Newspaper

I let out a loud gasp as he went in. At first it was almost hurting, and then he kept going and buried his cock as he laid down but not all the way because my hands were tied across my chest.

His penis felt so different from my husband, so much more, and then it hit me as I remembered, this man is not wearing a rubber! For the first time I was being fucked without a rubber! Then he began raping me right next to my husband on our marriage bed.

I tried to think of other things but couldn’t because the man was large and was raping me vigorously. The bed was shaking he was doing it so hard and I heard my husband starting to cry.

True news story revised and added to flavour for viewers

Read all the way down for a changed version. Also, I added photos and much more
text to the policewoman interview. As a bonus boner, I have added a short
story about the man who owns her first black cock. This is the story I updated
and enhanced in March.

Note readers. This is a news report EXACTLY as it was placed on line from S. Africa. With that headline: in that size since I cut and pasted it. Honeymoon bride raped. Had to go back in and cut the word ‘Honeymoon’ out in the caption because it became abbreviated on the front page.

I cut and pasted the news report and have not added or changed ONE word. Notice how detailed the report is. It reads almost like a porn story. The reporter goes into details about how the new bride was attacked in her wedding bed. It even includes her comments about her husband having used a rubber before the rapists fucked her bareback.

There is even a line in italics supposedly spoken by the bride, where she says she will not become another statistic, but she already is.

Something to think about, her husband possibly never having been into her bareback, and these men come in and enjoy her pussy skin to skin. The bride describes how she got noisy and her husband ‘thought’ she was enjoying it. She is supposedly denying it, but was she enjoying it? Read it and see what you think.

After you have finished reading the actual news report, you can go on and read my version of what I think maybe really happened. In other words, I turned it into a porn story that might be close to the truth. .

Note: In real life, women do not like to be raped.

Honeymoon bride raped

A BRITISH bride has been gang-raped only two days into her honeymoon in front of her weeping husband.

She was asleep in bed with her 25-year-old husband when four black robbers stormed in at 2am.

The couple had their hands and feet tied up as they laid naked. Two of the men fondled the woman as they were tying her.

One thug ripped off her rings, necklace and ear-rings. Then, as three men ransacked the house the couple were staying in, the fourth attacked the helpless woman as her husband lay next to her.

Last night she said bravely: I can’t sleep and I can’t eat. Two nights ago I was a virgin and now this. My husband had been using a rubber and I worry about being impregnated by one of the rapists, but if it happened this will not break up our marriage.

I will come out strong on the other side. I will not become another statistic of South Africa’s crime rate.

The woman told how she was attacked in Bonaero Park, Johannesburg, just days after her wedding.

She said: We were lying in bed at about 2am. The next moment I saw a hand against the wall at the light switch. One of the men came back and dragged me towards him by the feet. He spread my legs wide apart, explored me with his fingers for a minute and then he raped me in our bed, right next to my husband.

I turned my head away and tried to think of other things but I couldn’t because the man was quite large and was raping me vigorously. The bed was shaking he was doing it so hard and I heard my husband starting to cry. I guess I was being noisy because he was doing it so hard and deep and my husband thought I was enjoying being raped.

When he finished he stayed on me, in me for a while longer like he was planning on doing it twice. He was moving his hips but I guess he used himself up the first time because he couldn’t get it hard again.

As he was getting off of me another man entered the room. They spoke to each other in an African language and laughed. Then the second man got between my legs. He began fondling my breasts and I could see that he was ready to go as he prepared to take aim and he too raped me right beside my husband. Fortunately I was quite wet inside from the first man because the second man was even larger.

I was grunting from the force of his deep strokes and gasping because he was sort of knocking the wind out of me and my husband again thought I was enjoying it and started crying. When he finally climbed off of me there was quite a mess on the sheets.

I was expecting the other two to come in and rape me and thank goodness they didn’t come back into the bedroom.

The robbers emptied a safe and took a 9mm pistol.

They also stole £1,000-worth of South African rand given to the couple as a wedding gift.

The gang escaped in the couple’s pick-up truck, which they later dumped in the township of Tembisa.

Police said the victims managed to free themselves and call for help. The husband, whose father lives in South Africa, and his new wife had been renting the house for an extended honeymoon but may now return to Britain.

She said: I’ve asked my husband to burn our bed, but he thinks we should just leave the country. It’s the only way we can get over this and start to rebuild our lives.

A Johannesburg police spokesman said: This was a vicious and nasty attack. Both victims have been traumatized.

Last year a 29-year-old British woman was gang-raped in the Kruger National Park. A motorist who tried to help her was shot dead.

again. So there you have it readers. What did you think? I didn’t change anything from the original. I’m amazed that a news report would go into such detail about the size of the rapists cocks and detail using her words what they did to the bride. The one liner at the end about another woman being raped and a bystander killed was in the report and I left it.

I’m going to take the same report and add my thoughts as to what might have really happened below.

Note readers. This is not to imply that women enjoy being raped, and especially not in the manner described, in front of their helpless husbands. Just fantasy. OK?

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